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Strikethru: Paper and pen might be the ulti...

Dec 01, 2015No Comments

Sometimes nothing beats the satisfaction of drawing a thick line through an item on your to do list. The Strikethru method was made for nerds


Namely is HR software for small brands that...

Nov 24, 20151 Comment

Most small brands might keep a Google form of employee information or skip HR entirely. Namely is a startup-friendly HR software, here to pick up


Croissant makes freelance the coolest place...

Nov 20, 2015No Comments

Coworking spaces are great - and expensive. Croissant, a new NYC-based subscription service, gets you personal access into the best spaces on the cheap.


12 ways first-time entrepreneurs can build ...

Nov 16, 2015No Comments

You put a lot of time, money and energy into building your company and the same should be said for building your team. Here are


Blast from the past: Early pitches of 5 suc...

Nov 06, 2015No Comments

Looking at how startups positioned themselves before making it big can be quite inspiring to your own fledgling idea.


NYC’s Launchable Labs: a coworking wi...

Sep 07, 2015No Comments

Launchable Labs is about to launch a marketplace that does more than focus on coworking, it tackles freelancers' isolation with collaring options.


Top 10 highest paying freelance gigs

Sep 03, 2015No Comments

What are the best paying freelance jobs you can work from home with your cats and pajamas? You might be surprised.

equity directory

Equity Directory pairs startups with talent...

Aug 26, 20156 Comments

Equity Directory has launched in beta to help startups find talent willing to work for equity, formalizing an age-old process.

business ownership

The average entrepreneur is college educate...

Aug 26, 20151 Comment

If the average entrepreneur today isn't a star like Jobs or Zuck, what in fact is the average entrepreneur like?

people pleaser

Small business optimism is on the rise, Ame...

Aug 25, 20151 Comment

Small business optimism is on the rise, begging the question - are the tides turning?


The very first thing you must do when you l...

Aug 19, 20151 Comment

When you launch your business, there is something you must do at the very beginning, and it's not what you're thinking a lawyer would advise.


Could this be the best planner for freelanc...

Jul 27, 20151 Comment

Day planners for the corporate world continue to fall short for the complex needs of freelancers, but a new product is about to hit the