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“I believe in the Genius of the entrepreneurial spirit” – founder, Benn Rosales, The American Genius
Business is fascinating as are emerging technologies, how businesses are adapting, developing, and growing in this new digital economy. The American Genius, est. 2006 has chronicled small businesses, startups, and the advancement of digital technology for it’s early adoptive audience.

A.G. is completely built using social media to entice an audience with our same passions for the digital evolution in business. We deliver honest, up to the minute coverage of the changing tides, new technologies, new companies, and opportunity to interact with developing brands.

The American Genius Network

  • AGBeat – Business, Technology, Business Finance, and Entrepreneurs
  • Agent/Genius – Housing, emerging technologies, and innovation
  • BASHH – Our local social happy hour where product creators meet their consumers
  • BizBashh – The networking and meeting spot for Businesses and Startups
  • Spark of Genius – Business Camp for decision makers – our reader consumers interact with emerging trends

As a privately held entity, we are by no means finished nor satisfied. Our staggering growth and brand footprint has A.G. poised to take the entreprenurial scene by storm.

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