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How employees can steal your sensitive data...

Nov 17, 2015No Comments

Whether your client list or client files, you have sensitive data on hand - how could an employee steal it, and how can forensic specialists


Starbucks Pumpkin Spice frappuccinos launch...

Sep 23, 2015No Comments

Starbucks has teamed up with Costco for a limited edition pumpkin spice treat, sure to have all of the "I can eat whatever I want"

marketing to millennials

Three mistakes to avoid when you start a ne...

Aug 17, 2015No Comments

When starting a new job, there are three common mistakes new hires make that you should avoid.

bad terms of service

Spot a toxic company culture by asking abou...

Jul 08, 2015No Comments

If you want to get honest insight about a company's culture, ask employees about the attendance policies.

proxyham ip address shifter

Physically move your IP location 2.5 miles ...

Jul 08, 2015No Comments

Privacy has become perhaps the single largest issue facing the internet today and your IP address has a lot to do with it, but a

facebook facial recognition

Facebook facial recognition doesn’t n...

Jun 26, 20153 Comments

Facebook's facial recognition algorithm has improved so vastly that it knows you by your body shape, pose, hair, and other data points - has this

small business woman

What word do women use that subtly undermin...

Jun 26, 20154 Comments

There's a common word that seems harmless, and many don't even know that they're using it and undermining their credibility.

credit cards

Can you legally charge customers credit car...

Jun 24, 20151 Comment

Credit card fees and processing fees are very nuanced, and you might be charging in a way that lands you in hot water - know

email copy tumblr

Tumblr blog features great email copy ̵...

Jun 22, 2015No Comments

A new blog shares inspirational email copy and dissects exactly why they work.

Businesspeople having lunch indoors.

5 things startups need to do when trying to...

Jun 18, 2015No Comments

When startups are looking to expand and sign with big brands, it can be a daunting task, so we ask someone who's been there before

father daughter

8 dad entrepreneurs share how they balance ...

Jun 16, 2015No Comments

This father's day, we salute dad entrepreneurs who share with us how they prioritize their family.

aol you've got mail

Nostalgic app plays “you’ve got...

Jun 10, 20151 Comment

"You've got mail" was the sound that used to make your heart flutter from across the house. "Who's emailing me? It's 1997, y'all! This is