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Jennifer Walpole is a Senior Staff Writer at The American Genius and holds a Master's degree in English from the University of Oklahoma. She is a science fiction fanatic and enjoys writing way more than she should. She dreams of being a screenwriter and seeing her work on the big screen in Hollywood one day.


3 powerful tools to make your presentations...

Jul 29, 2015No Comments

Creating presentations are an essential part of doing business in a technology-driven world, but we all need help making them better. These tools will help.


Austin’s anxious optimism reflected i...

Jul 28, 2015No Comments

Allstate and the National Journal have conducted a survey of Austinites and how they feel about their city may have you itching to move to


Your morning commute just got awesome: Star...

Jul 27, 2015No Comments

Starbucks and Lyft have teamed up to make your morning commute awesome by offering more rewards and more convenience. Awesome!


Your custom Twitter background is gone, pro...

Jul 23, 20151 Comment

Twitter recently implemented a change to users' defaults settings that has Twitter users a bit unhappy. Have you seen the change?

microsoft edge

Microsoft’s new browser already out-p...

Jul 23, 2015No Comments

Microsoft is celebrating the launch of Windows 10 in a big way and their new browser is just one way Microsoft is improving their ecosystem.


New study by NetBase suggests the top retai...

Jul 23, 2015No Comments

New study by NetBase finds non-traditional cosmetic retailers are rising, the "selfie" has impacted perceptions of beauty and what this means for you.

gmail snooze

Snooze button introduced to Gmail messages,...

Jul 20, 20151 Comment

Google has recently introduced a new feature that lets you take care of your time or date sensitive messages at a later date. Have you


Two new tools to help boost your productivi...

Jul 20, 20151 Comment

So many times during the day we get distracted by other things; from email to phone calls, distractions tank productivity. Here's two ways to stop

scales of justice

Supercharge your legal knowledge with these...

Jul 19, 2015No Comments

If you frequently freelance, you absolutely need a comprehensive legal contract. If your funds are tight, these tools are great places to start.


RocketClub lets you invest in startups for ...

Jul 19, 20151 Comment

RocketClub is the first crowd ownership platform, giving any individual the ability to own a real stake in startup companies.


Why you should stop trying to be the next Z...

Jul 19, 2015No Comments

You want your name to be known, not overshadowed by every person that came before in business; so please, stop comparing yourself to everyone else.


Five invoicing tools that will make your li...

Jul 19, 2015No Comments

Using an invoicing program can save you time and money, but knowing which one to choose can be difficult. Here are five tools to get