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Lani is the Chief Operating Officer at The American Genius and sister news outlet, The Real Daily, and has been named in the Inman 100 Most Influential Real Estate Leaders several times, co-authored a book, founded BASHH and Austin Digital Jobs, and is a seasoned business writer and editorialist with a penchant for the irreverent.


#AGLIVE: Long-form content and where to put...

Jan 14, 2016No Comments

Join us for the next #AGLIVE, where we'll tackle the growing pressures to buy into the concept of long-form.

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AG LIVE: Why the new Peach app is the next ...

Jan 09, 2016No Comments

Peach is the newest app that has the world in a frenzy. What is it, what does it do, and is it really the next

Ask the expert: How do I acquire skills wit...

Jan 07, 2016No Comments

Climbing the ladder or switching gears in your career may lead to a common catch-22... how do you gain skills without experience? Let's chat live


Expert Guest: Ask Me Anything about Resume ...

Jan 06, 2016No Comments

We've just hosted our first ever "Ask Me Anything" live event, and there is so much to learn about resumes and cover letters, no matter


Outnumbered tackles startup that matches st...

Dec 28, 2015No Comments

WinstonClub is soon to launch, and the startup is generating controversy - would YOU share a hotel room with a vetted stranger to save money?

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How Facebook is rigged to steal billions of...

Dec 02, 2015No Comments

Facebook profits as content creators struggle, making YouTube the clear preferred network for posting videos. But how is FB stealing billions of views?

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Guyzar, LLC could be suing any website usin...

Dec 01, 2015No Comments

Guyzar, LLC appears to be the new patent troll on the block and the patent is so broad that most websites could be targeted.

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Social media early adopters may now be crip...

Nov 17, 20151 Comment

Social media early adopters paved the way for the robust ecosystem we enjoy today and set the culture, but adhering to the original principles holds


Inside The American Genius team: Jennifer W...

Nov 13, 2015No Comments

Senior Staff Writer, Jennifer Walpole is working on her PhD in English at OU, but still makes time to bring you quality reporting nearly every

bronko box brooke cox

Bronko Box Co-Owner cheerfully expresses #W...

Oct 28, 20151 Comment

As part of our ongoing series on #WhyAustin, we talk with the Co-Owner of Bronko Box to explore what Austin has to offer.


Dropbox refuses to deal with user’s p...

Oct 28, 2015No Comments

We recently uncovered that one Dropbox user could see another's content, but Dropbox has yet to issue a fix or even a statement.

john linneman

Inside The American Genius team: John Linne...

Oct 11, 2015No Comments

Staff Writer John Linneman is introducing you to technology and reporting on trends, but did you know he's also an IPA and Neil Young fan?