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Churnspotter is a client retention machine ...

Aug 02, 2015No Comments

Churnspotter has launched in beta to know your customers' moves and retain them more effectively.


Automated public relations options for bran...

Jul 29, 2015No Comments

If your budget is smaller than a late night taco at Jack in the Box, then this automated crisis management guide might be for you,


Is MTV’s European rebrand a hit or mi...

Jul 28, 2015No Comments

MTV Europe has rebranded and it looks like Lisa Frank and Adult Swim had a baby on drugs, but it has a chance at ushering


A humorous look at a world with honest iPho...

Jul 28, 2015No Comments

The iPhone 6 has been a hit with consumers, but it has some flaws. One blog took a humorous look at what iPhone 6 ads


GoPro launches licensing, could become the ...

Jul 27, 2015Comments off

GoPro is the reason for so many incredible videos online now, and they're opening up a licensing market so marketers can create and license (sell)


Lure email subscribers to stay with this st...

Jul 13, 2015No Comments

Email subscribers are where the gold lies for most brands, so holding on to them is an important challenge. This strategy can go a long

email copy tumblr

What companies expect of email marketing ov...

Jul 13, 2015No Comments

Email marketing is once again the brand darling as consumers anticipate and even opt-in to this form of marketing today, but what will these efforts

short sales

How absolute statements can damage your sal...

Jul 13, 2015No Comments

Absolute statements have a strong impact on sales, yet are often made by people selling services and goods.


The actual science behind what makes people...

Jul 05, 20151 Comment

Want people to give you money for your product or service? Then you should get to know what really opens wallets.


The most powerful data is the data you alre...

Jun 25, 2015No Comments

Talking about data is all the rage, but small businesses and freelancers often ignore it, as it sounds like an enterprise advantage, but even the

digital trends

How can your website better translate and c...

Jun 23, 2015No Comments

You already know that your site needs to be mobile-ready, but how can you improve engagement levels and conversion rates? We ask the expert.

email copy tumblr

Tumblr blog features great email copy ̵...

Jun 22, 2015No Comments

A new blog shares inspirational email copy and dissects exactly why they work.