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Your brand might have marketing to millenni...

Feb 10, 2016No Comments

If you’ve been wracking your brain to find the best way to target younger consumers in your business model, wrack no longer, as globalwebindex released

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How beauty brands tap influencers (and you ...

Feb 04, 2016No Comments

Recently, more and more brands and companies are leveraging influencers to drive engagement and awareness, and usage isn’t slowing. Marketers are teaming up with influencers

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How marketers are measuring customer engage...

Feb 04, 2016No Comments

All marketers should evaluate their strategy. If you’re not currently using any of the above metrics to evaluate the success of your consumer engagement levels

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Pop-up coffee shop tricked hipsters into lo...

Feb 04, 2016No Comments

It’s a formula that works for marketing in general; present your product in an appealing, trendy or familiar way, and the consumer will (more likely)

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Here’s where the big boys will be poi...

Feb 03, 2016No Comments

Newer social ad venues are intriguing marketers. Many senior ad buyers plan to point their advertising dollars to new social media venues in 2016.


Brand names jumping on the “Be Like B...

Feb 02, 2016No Comments

If imitation is the fondest form of flattery, then Bill creator Eugeniu Croitoru must be thrilled to no end because Bill, or a reasonable facsimile


Coca-Cola’s gif maker gets trolled ha...

Feb 01, 20161 Comment

Last week, Coca-Cola ditched their 7-year-old slogan “Open Happiness,” in favor of the fresher “Taste the Feeling.” However, the brand is now “tasting the trolls”


This Play-Doh campaign is so perfectly snar...

Feb 01, 2016No Comments

Let’s face it: we’re addicted to technology. A fact which is the focus of Play-Doh’s new ad campaign. The most famous doh company on the


Genius guerrilla marketing campaign: Zappos...

Jan 27, 2016No Comments

Zappos and Google had a marketing street fight and the video proves that there's a clear winner. This guerrilla marketing tactic is risky but genius,


Beacon adoption remains low. Why?

Jan 27, 2016No Comments

Beacon adoption rates are nowhere near what they were once projected to be, so what does the future hold?

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Why every marketing team needs to team up w...

Jan 25, 2016No Comments

Whether you are being driven to visit a brand website or driven to visit a recruiter website, the endgame is the same: You are expected


Easily send push notifications to your site...

Jan 23, 20161 Comment

With the new app, Aimtell, you can send push notifications to your site visitors even after they've closed their browser.