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Agencies bundling pro photographers into tr...

Aug 31, 2015No Comments

Professional photographers put our social media images to shame, so travel agencies are bundling their services into travel packages. Genius!


Flipagram is a marketer’s dream, adds...

Aug 31, 2015No Comments

Want to make your social media stand out? Add mainstream music (that you won't get in trouble for using) do your photos or videos to

netflix ointb

Netflix promotes OITNB with fabulous life-s...

Aug 31, 2015No Comments

Netflix has an innovative model, so why not have an innovative marketing campaign that turns a street in Paris into a prison for all to

facebook money

Beware the Zuckerbook money-doubling machin...

Aug 30, 2015No Comments

Promises of doubling your money with Facebook ads is actually a pretty bad bet: why the "breaking even" promise of an ad cost is garbage.


Slack is years old, but is suddenly blowing...

Aug 27, 20151 Comment

Slack has been around for a while, but they're suddenly all over the place. Why? Should you get in on the Slack madness? Probably...


Placeit makes fancy mockups, video demos fo...

Aug 19, 2015No Comments

Placeit is for the DIY marketers that need a quick mockup, or don't yet have the budget for a legitimate professional to do a photo


Signr adds content to your employee’s...

Aug 18, 2015No Comments

Signr is in beta to help expand your reach through your team members; the concept is genius!


BrightFunnel boosts any brand’s B2B m...

Aug 16, 2015No Comments

BrightFunnel is like a crystal ball for B2B marketers serious about converting leads and improving revenues.

minimalist movement

Fast food chains rebranding as minimalist, ...

Aug 13, 2015No Comments

Design has been going more and more minimalist in recent years, and burger chains hopping on the bandwagon means it's mainstream. How will your brand

couple cofounders

Men often systemize, women tend to empathiz...

Aug 11, 2015No Comments

Research shows that female and male shoppers differ, so appealing to both can be tough since men systemize and women empathize. But it's possible!

font selection

The surprising email font choices that coul...

Aug 11, 2015No Comments

You've chosen a font for your emails and it isn't Comic Sans or anything objectionable, but it could still be ruining your rep.

content strategy

Six reasons your content strategy isn’t w...

Aug 11, 2015No Comments

Content marketing is a top component to any brand's efforts today, but if your content strategy isn't working, there's a reason. Let's discuss.