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Are millennials even getting your brandR...

Nov 27, 2015No Comments

When it comes to marketing to millennials, making sure your brand is engaging with them most effectively is key. Here are some tips on how

taco bell valet

Pull my car around, I’ve finished my ...

Nov 24, 2015No Comments

One Taco Bell is doing the unthinkable and offering valet service to its customers. Now Taco Bell fans can truly live up to the slogan,

gas station tv

Time will tell if Gas Station TV advertisin...

Nov 24, 2015No Comments

If a consumer can fast forward through or block your ad, what is the point in advertising? Gas Station TV might just be the future

google cardboard

YouTube videos + Google Cardboard Glasses =...

Nov 18, 2015No Comments

Google Cardboard Glasses are a cheap and interesting way to get people watching your YouTube videos and converting to sales. Glorious.


Snapchat has become a marketer’s drea...

Nov 16, 2015No Comments

Snapchat has grown in relevance and is no longer just for the teens. Start thinking of how YOU will stand out.


Fanlytics connects artists directly with fa...

Nov 16, 2015No Comments

If only there was a way to text all of your fans that you have a show tonight! Or tell them your new album is

black friday shopping

Study: Digital buyers still prefer shopping...

Nov 12, 2015No Comments

Despite the ease of online shopping with endless choices and items magically appearing at your door, most consumers still prefer purchasing items in-store.

customer discovery ninja

Customer Discover Ninja has people call YOU...

Nov 12, 2015No Comments

Customer Discover Ninja has launched so you can get feedback about your idea, product, or service. No hunting, just talking. Genius time saver!


Audi is setting their sights on pedestrian ...

Nov 10, 20151 Comment

Audi attached their matrix LEDs to a billboard in Germany and started turning them towards pedestrians in the streets as part of a new marketing

iphone social media texting

New data impresses upon us all that ignorin...

Nov 10, 20151 Comment

Why is mobile marketing so important for businesses? 68% of Americans now own smartphones and if you're not reaching them you're missing a huge opportunity.


How to tap into consumers’ “cou...

Nov 06, 2015No Comments

As the holiday season approaches and brands get their playbook together, let's look to the science of consumers' "coupon high" and how you can tap

bar stunt

Thinking outside the box: Marketing with no...

Nov 04, 20151 Comment

Marketing is essential to any successful business, but how can you do it with little or no budget? Take a page from this bar's book: