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Blue Swimsuit self portrait

Makeup now being developed for selfies (we&...

Sep 25, 2015No Comments

The new selfie-loving generation has created the need for selfie-centered products. Have you considered cosmetics to be among these? They are. Here's why.

baby boomers and mobile ads

Baby Boomers hate your mobile ads, but why?

Sep 24, 20151 Comment

If your target demographic is Baby Boomers, they're tech savvy, but they hate your mobile ads, so what now?


MailRoof: Find lost customers in your exist...

Sep 22, 2015No Comments

MailRoof is about to be in beta to help you reclaim lost ground in your email inbox and find lost connections easily.

social media ads

The art of nailing low-cost, high-conversio...

Sep 21, 2015No Comments

Social media ads can be a low-cost, high-yield business builder, and most don't do it well. Here is the art of nailing it!


Study: Most brands not equipped to track th...

Sep 14, 20151 Comment

If most brands, small and large, are not able to fully track the customer journey, what's the next step?

google microsoft

Are Google’s new colors the exact sam...

Sep 10, 2015No Comments

As everyone waxed philosophical about Google's new logo, one sharp eye noticed that the colors have been adjusted to better match Microsoft's... interesting...

viral marketing emotional marketing

Which emotion must be tapped for an ad to g...

Sep 09, 2015No Comments

Viral ads have a few components in common - do you know which emotion to tap to make fans go wild?

marketing moves

The most effective marketing move you’...

Sep 08, 20151 Comment

In a meaningful editorial on nailing your marketing efforts, an expert weighs in and shares his own story of success to inspire your own.


Agencies bundling pro photographers into tr...

Aug 31, 2015No Comments

Professional photographers put our social media images to shame, so travel agencies are bundling their services into travel packages. Genius!


Flipagram is a marketer’s dream, adds...

Aug 31, 2015No Comments

Want to make your social media stand out? Add mainstream music (that you won't get in trouble for using) do your photos or videos to

netflix ointb

Netflix promotes OITNB with fabulous life-s...

Aug 31, 2015No Comments

Netflix has an innovative model, so why not have an innovative marketing campaign that turns a street in Paris into a prison for all to

facebook money

Beware the Zuckerbook money-doubling machin...

Aug 30, 20151 Comment

Promises of doubling your money with Facebook ads is actually a pretty bad bet: why the "breaking even" promise of an ad cost is garbage.