agbeat branding and advertising

Niche Advertising on AGBeat is a snap, and it works

January 28, 2013

agbeat branding and advertising

Niche advertising is hotter than ever

We hear every day how click ads are dying (we heard the same about email marketing – wrong), and that’s true if you are a ‘place and pray’ advertising buyer of the past (but you’re smarter than that). Our advertisers know the difference between a traffic giant that plays the numbers game with a large net, versus a niche brand that is honed in on not just the content, but the partners that reside within the content of the readers’ go-to web destination. Millions of industry specialized readers visit AGBeat every year, and when they do, they’re met with content and advertising partners that go hand-in-hand.

AGBeat is growing at a rapid rate, not only in audience but in footprint, partnering with enterprise brands through Spark of Genius – the camp for business decision makers, and The BASHH – where social media connects offline. We continue to focus on creating the news and content our audience wants and needs, and products that support their business.

AGBeat’s key categories are Technology, Business News, Housing, and so much more. AGBeat is targeted to business decision makers and continues to bring our audience only the best products and services. We have packages for enterprise as well as small businesses and startups, but space is limited.

If you’re in charge of direct ad buys, then you owe it to your brand and our audience to explore the many possibilities here at AGBeat. Our audience is loyal, insanely bright, and eager to improve their business and marketing efforts. Our holistic approach to flat fee advertising gives you and your brand opportunities you won’t find anywhere else on the web.

Advertise with The American Genius

We’d love to discuss your goals and see if we align in our efforts to bring our audience cutting edge, quality products and services. You won’t be met with a sales team, instead you’ll be greeted by eager partners that want only the best for your products and services.

Email us, let’s discuss options!
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