tetris business card

Coolest business card ever? Yes, you can play Tetris on it

March 12, 2014

tetris business card

Advertising at its most awesome

We have long shared with you the advertising campaigns that change the way people view print and online advertising. For example, you’ve read about the print ads that let you change the color of the display, scented ads, and the latest trend of jaw-dropping designs. Now, we bring a fully functioning game of Tetris on a business card.

Technical designer Kevin Bates, based in Portland, has created a fun business card that the recipient can play Tetris on for approximately nine hours before the battery dies.

It is made out of a barebones Arduino board, an OLED screen, piezo speakers and capacitive input button, reminiscent of the old Game Boy devices. All while keeping it a mere 1.6 millimeters thick. While the game screen and control are on one side, the reverse side can be customized with your brand and information.

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And now, for more games

Bates’ website has recently added several additional games. You can now use Flappy Ball, Pokemon (in the works), Music Demos, and it can be used to display pre-programmed QR codes, which can be scanned and display several lines of text (your most important information).

There is the potential to use it for many other things as well, such as interactive business logos, flashing information to hold your recipients’ attention, and many more. In the future, Bates would also like to release the design files and source codes under a fully open source license. This would also allow users to share other games they have created and soured. Bates also states if you are handy with a soldering gun, the battery can be replaced.

This is just one more example of how business cards are becoming more innovative and interactive in an effort to keep in line with online counterparts. While buying hundreds of these is probably not within most company’s budgets, having a few around as a novelty for recruiting new clients could be a fun way to get someone to pay attention to your brand.

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