Hilarious gaffes and laughs found in real marketing copy

November 20, 2013


Hi, friends – it’s blooper day, so hop aboard for another ride on the Blooper Loco-motive. These hysterical MLS gaffes are telltale signs that some folks are really off-track. Jane Peters shared a number of bloopers with us this week, so here we go – hang on to your hats!


“Submit poff of fuunds” (Methinks you’ve poffed enough already, Dweezil.)

“We qualify foreign naturals” ( For what – the Fruit of the Week at Whole Foods?)

“House has new sliding” (Neighbor with demolished house has new insurance claim.)

“Advance notice for meatup” (This must be an ad for the World Wrestling Association.)

“Easy sow” (Just one more reason why pigs should attend sex education classes.)


“House on lake box” (Agent on crack cocaine.)

“Look out at the skyy” (That’s a Vodka…and apparently you drank it.)

“Big windo” (That’s what we call Uncle Paddy after a meal of corned beef and kraut.)

“Staggers not done”  (They will be when they stagger into the empty pool.)


“Manuel operated” (Manuel should operate on your vowels.)

“Half timbured beams accents lvg rm” (…Half-baked bozo accents bar stool.)

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“This is a turkey house” (Hence the Pilgrims on the front porch.)

“Laundrey arena” (A fierce competition from soak to spin – witnessed by thousands – no stain left standing!)

Bloopers of the Week

“Condo located on Santa Monica boarder” (Ouch – that has to hurt!)

“Viking bum warmer” (My guess is it’s a guy in hotpants named Hedviq.)

That’s it for this week, folks. Remember: Spell well and sell!

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