metaio augmented reality

Metaio: create an augmented reality campaign in seconds

December 10, 2012

metaio augmented reality

Augmented reality just got simple

When you mail out a postcard to clients, pass out flyers, or create a catalog, throwing in some augmented reality (AR) to make the print content interactive on a smartphone is now within reach for small businesses, no longer so expensive and complicated to create, thanks to Metaio who has long been the leader in the AR industry.

Today, the company released the latest version of its Metaio Creator, the only commercially available drag-and-drop design software, now with the ability to manage content directly from the cloud.

“People aren’t necessarily experts in Augmented Reality yet,” said Peter Meier, Metaio CTO. “The Metaio Creator makes it easy for them to not only launch an experience but also to scale their content – massively, through simple cloud content management.”

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The Metaio Creator allows nearly anyone to take print media and attach websites, video, 3-D models, graphics or any other digital content using the latest image recognition, visual search, and augmented reality technology by Metaio to make print marketing more interactive.

The company says that today’s addition takes their Creator tool to the next level by “allowing users to attach digital content to more complex real world objects like products, engines, buildings or even complete environments.”

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Metaio suggests that interactive manuals or tour guides could be accessible through a smartphone app, and imagine outside of your offices offering a glimpse inside the building through the app, or imagine as a Realtor that digital content can be attached to the location of your listing, or retailers, window shoppers can see what’s inside in a less website-y manner.

“The newest version of the Metaio Creator updates the user interface and experience to make it even more intuitive and familiar,” the company said in a statement, adding that “creative professionals need only to drag, drop, point and click their way to their first AR experience – all in just minutes. From the actual content, building the app framework, and running analytics on the finished experience, the Metaio Creator does it all without any coding or programming necessary.”

augmented reality metaio

augmented reality metaio

augmented reality metaio

augmented reality metaio

augmented reality metaio

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