Online presentation tool helps professionals to crowdsource better

November 26, 2011

Online presentation tool – Reel

Reel is a free online presentation tool that is drop dead simple and helps any professional to better crowdsource their ideas by making public a presentation and polling your audience. Reel presentations are viewable on smartphones, tablets and standard browsers and avoids the problem of people not having the proper version of PowerPoint or PDF viewer, and Reel says downloading is much faster with their presentations than manually downloading a PPT or PDF file.

Reel says, “Once you’ve got your audience on the hook, they’ll be able to give you their impression of your ideas. Thumbs up for the ones they love; thumbs down, they’re not feelin’ it. You’ll get a summary page showing the total number of responses to each slide.” Brilliant!

We like to think of Reel as not only a simple way to get people on the same page and up to speed, but to crowdsource ideas for marketing, product direction, services and projects.

How to use Reel:

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