Rapleaf: upload email lists, get demographic data

August 31, 2013


Rapleaf: crystal ball for your existing database

Using Rapleaf is as easy as uploading your list of email addresses, selecting fields, and getting data. When you upload your list, you get data on your emails so you can start personalizing content for your customers, as well as, discover more information about each customer’s shopping habits and demographics.

Rapleaf only matches data to the emails you provide, they do not share or sell emails with anyone else, so your contact list is said to be safe. Once you have your list loaded, you can choose from over thirty fields of data for your email list. This allows you to personalize their marketing experience; instead of generic email, they receive something tailor-made to their interests.

By using proprietary voting algorithms to validate data, they only return matching fields that are at minimum 90% accurately matched to an email address. Once you have selected your desired data fields, Rapleaf will append data to your email list for you to easily download.

Charts, graphs, and general awesomeness

They provide charts and graphs to give you a quick overview of your email list by income, presence of children, marital status, and other data so you can learn more about your customer base; allowing you to send emails to the right people at the right time.

Rapleaf seamlessly integrates with most email service providers to deliver data to your existing platform. If you connect Rapleaf with your email you can export any field you choose, getting valuable insight without leaving your inbox. You can also create your own integration with their API. Rapleaf works with StongMail, MailChimp, ConstantContact, emailDirect, ExactTarget, and its own Rapleaf API.

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Rapleaf offers four different categories for data fields: demographic, household, interests, and purchase history. The full list of data fields can be seen here. These categories are important because Rapleaf’s pricing program has two different levels for API: free for you to upload your email list and get an exact match report, or per month, from $99 to $1199, depending on the amount of queries your perform and includes your choice of two data fields with each additional data field costing between $5 and $35. You can get 1,000 queries for free, however, to see if you like the program. And if you are interested in batch append, you can use the tool on the pricing page to get a general idea, or send Rapleaf a message for an exact quote.

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