marketing typo

“Wounded area” and other marketing typo casualties

May 16, 2013

marketing typo
It’s Blooper day once again, my friends. There were enough marketing typo casualties in the nationwide MLS listings this past week to fill an English Grammar ER. These are the cases that required serious triage, and of course, I was happy to help :-) Please enjoy:

The Oozy

“Nice wounded area” (The area where the arrow impaled your skull, no doubt.)

“Calf after 7 pm.” (Apparently someone is having sliders for dinner…)

“Natural wildlife coroner” (High roadkill area, huh?)

“Scream setting” (Sign posted outside the IRS.)

“Call if still.” (I wish you had told me that before my last date.)

The Schmoozy

“No show Thirsty” (Yes, I always recommend a beer or two before dealing with the public.)

“Maturd trees” (Well I guess we know what they used for fertilizer.)

“New pueblo driveway” (Methinks drank too much tequila and woke up in a Taco Bell parking lot.)

“Concrete poor next week” (With this kind of attention to detail, you’ll be following close behind.)

“Large green belt in back” (Large elf trousers on ground out front.)

The Floozy

“Multiples expected” (Said the obstetrician to Octomom.)

“Broken Open Tues” ( Bail required Wednesday.)

“Square feet not correct on titie” (Yes, in most cases, hands would be more desirable.)

“Two broken widows” (One murdered philanderer.)

 The Doozy

“Many privates schools in area” (I assume the enrollment list is full of Johnsons.)

That’s it for this week, folks. Remember: spell well and sell!

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