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Tesla Model S P85D rocks so hard it broke C...

Aug 29, 2015No Comments

The Tesla Model S P85D is so incredible, that it scored a 103 out of 100 in the most recent Consumer Reports testing.

consumer confidence

Consumer confidence spikes: Homes and cars ...

Aug 25, 2015No Comments

Consumer confidence spikes, and we address why the stock market madness this week shouldn't dissuade that at all.


Target struggles to keep shelves stocked, W...

Aug 24, 20151 Comment

Target customers continue to report empty shelves, which Target says they're struggling to fix. Walmart, on the other hand, thins out shelves. Interesting inventory strategies

demand media

Demand Media closing Austin office, staff s...

Aug 18, 201515 Comments

Demand Media is quietly closing their Austin offices after a rough Q2 earnings report, but the Austin team tells us they had no idea this

collin slattery #WhyAustin

#WhyAustin (or why not Austin) as described...

Aug 17, 2015No Comments

We're diving deep into #WhyAustin, but to get honest feedback, we've asked outsiders what Austin lacks, what the city is known for outside of the

marketing to millennials

Three mistakes to avoid when you start a ne...

Aug 17, 2015No Comments

When starting a new job, there are three common mistakes new hires make that you should avoid.

sephora subscription sample box

Sephora subscription service launches with ...

Aug 16, 2015No Comments

Sephora starts a subscription service as a way to attract more business, offering a roadmap for smaller brands to aspire to.

q manning #whyaustin

Rocksauce Studios CEO, Q Manning succinctly...

Aug 12, 20152 Comments

As part of our ongoing series on #WhyAustin, we talk with the CEO of Rocksauce Studios to explore why his company is headquartered in Austin.


Popular Austin startup lays off 84 staffers...

Aug 11, 20152 Comments

A popular startup has raised nearly $50M, but laid off dozens of staffers, so why was their move the smartest one they could make?


Tesla Motors: stocks plummet, but the innov...

Aug 09, 2015No Comments

Tesla’s products have always created buzzing excitement; so why has Tesla been plagued with financial difficulties and what can you learn from them?

credit score range

Legislation will make it illegal for employ...

Aug 09, 2015No Comments

Presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren wants to introduce legislation that would make it illegal for employers to check and/or consider credit scores.

credit cards

You’re not alone if your business isn...

Aug 09, 20151 Comment

If your business isn't ready for chip-enabled credit cards, you may have to get ready in the foreseeable future or face the consequences.