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Government tells FedEx they misclassified w...

Aug 03, 2015No Comments

The Department of Labor recently issued new guidelines to help you determine whether an employee is an independent contractor or an employee.

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Is eBay openly giving out your personal dat...

Jul 29, 2015No Comments

Did you know that there is a long held policy at eBay that makes your personal data vulnerable? If you've ever made a purchase, you


How to get over being a people-pleaser, and...

Jul 28, 2015No Comments

Being a people-pleaser comes naturally to some people but can be a professional disadvantage. Let's discuss how to know if you're over the top about


Austin’s anxious optimism reflected i...

Jul 28, 2015No Comments

Allstate and the National Journal have conducted a survey of Austinites and how they feel about their city may have you itching to move to


Tiff’s Treats founder dishes out gooe...

Jul 27, 20151 Comment

Our #WhyAustin series takes an honest, uncensored look into the Austin business environment and culture, today talking to the cookie Gods of Texas about the


Your morning commute just got awesome: Star...

Jul 27, 2015No Comments

Starbucks and Lyft have teamed up to make your morning commute awesome by offering more rewards and more convenience. Awesome!


Why everyone should talk to themselves at w...

Jul 27, 2015No Comments

You should talk to yourself at work because of science. Stifling that can actually tamper with your productivity, so get chatty and encourage your team


Homejoy startup closes their doors, impacts...

Jul 24, 2015No Comments

Homejoy was like the Uber of home services and now it's shutting down. What does this say for contract labor overall? Is it on the


Rewards programs are great, but will custom...

Jul 24, 2015No Comments

Rewards programs had the most appeal when they came from groceries and mass merchandisers, but will customers pay for the benefits?


Amazon to outpace Macy’s and Kohls fo...

Jul 24, 2015No Comments

Amazon could soon surpass Macy's in one unusual niche; with everything that Amazon sells it seems odd that this could become their hottest selling item.


In the wake of Amazon’s Prime day aft...

Jul 23, 20151 Comment

Prime Day wasn’t a flop. In fact, it was an incredibly efficient (and clever) marketing strategy—and it worked, so why are some people still upset?


New study by NetBase suggests the top retai...

Jul 23, 2015No Comments

New study by NetBase finds non-traditional cosmetic retailers are rising, the "selfie" has impacted perceptions of beauty and what this means for you.