job titles

10 job titles that didn’t exist five years ago

January 13, 2014

job titles

10 job titles that didn’t exist five years ago

Five years ago, social media was still young, no one was talking about UPS being replaced by flying robots, and so forth. Jobs have long existed around the innovations of today, but most of them were not yet defined, and some did not even have titles yet

LinkedIn created a quick graphic to outline the explosive growth of specific jobs that barely existed just a handful of years ago, citing that “The workplace is constantly changing and how we define what we do is no exception. Since we just welcomed the new 2014, we thought it’d be fun to see how much our work has changed in the past few years.”

The professional social network looked at over 259 million members’ profiles to determine the top 10 most popular job titles that were nearly unheard of in 2008. Some of the titles existed (social media intern, for example), but it wasn’t a mainstream concept quite yet.

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Here is what they came up with:

job titles

And what about you?

Are you in any of these positions? Tell us in the comments how you got your current career, and how the evolution of your title went down. Were you doing this type of job long before it had a name, or are you new to the game and nailing it?

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