property tax bills

10 states with the lowest property tax bills

November 26, 2013

property tax bills

States with the lowest property taxes

While it is common knowledge that New Jersey and New York (and most anywhere starting with “New”) have the highest property tax bills in the nation, what states are the least expensive? Who has the lowest property tax bills in America?

According to a residential property tax study by the Tax Policy Center (TCP), property tax bills for homeowners ranged on average from around $500 in some states to over $8,000 in others – a massive disparity between states.

In 2012, while the most expensive areas were in the Northeast, the least expensive tax bills were from all around the nation, peppered throughout the north, south, east, and west.

Property tax critics note that the assessed value of a home rarely matches the home’s actual market value, and although appeals are an option, more people looking to pinch pennies are considering all living expenses, including their tax bills, leading us to hunt down the states with the lowest tax bills.

Examining the mean property tax dollars paid in 2012, the following ten states, in reverse order, offer the lowest property tax bills:

10. Idaho

In 2012, the mean tax bill paid in Idaho was $1,273.

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9. Delaware

In 2012, the mean tax bill paid in Delaware was $1,206.

8. Indiana

In 2012, the mean tax bill paid in Indiana was $1,200.

7. Wyoming

In 2012, the mean tax bill paid in Wyoming was $1,141.

6. Mississippi

In 2012, the mean tax bill paid in Mississippi was $1,004.

5. Arkansas

In 2012, the mean tax bill paid in Arkansas was $901.

4. South Carolina

south carolina
In 2012, the mean tax bill paid in South Carolina was $858.

3. Louisiana

In 2012, the mean tax bill paid in Louisiana was $823.

2. West Virginia

west virginia
In 2012, the mean tax bill paid in West Virginia was $718.

1. Alabama

In 2012, the mean tax bill paid in Alabama was $631.

While there are many, many reasons that tax bills vary, especially property values, it is fascinating to compare the most expensive areas to the states that have the lowest property tax bills.

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