work stress

5 ways to reduce your stress at work

March 3, 2014

work stress

Work can be a huge source of stress

Whether you are a calm and peaceful person, or a tense and high-strung person, stress can be a factor in anyone’s life, particularly at work. We all know that we can prevent stress through a positive life, particularly through yoga, but let’s face it – sometimes work just sucks. People are mean. Bosses are demanding. Employees are slow. Customers are aggressive.

We talked to Dan Lee, CEO and Co-Founder of NextDesk, (the standing desk of the future) and their company is highly focused on improving the worker’s day. Lee notes that “One of the biggest causes of insomnia is stress, and a frequent source of that stress for many people is the workplace.”

Studies show that 40 percent of adults are affected by the stress of the day, causing them to lay awake at night. Lee opines, “The good news for stress sufferers is there are some concrete steps you can take to feel better.”

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In his own words, Lee offers the following expert tips on managing your workday to reduce stress points and be a more productive and ultimately happier individual:

1. Organization is your friend

Try to correlate your work stress levels to what is going on in the office. Are you frantically searching for a file on your computer? Do you have six stacks of projects spread out in front of you? One way to combat workplace stress is to be better organized. Multi-tasking isn’t always the right way to go. Create a to-do list and do one thing at a time. Keep a clear desk for a clear mind and include some family photos or other personal items to help you stay calm.

2. Manage your eight hours

Proper time management is one of the core reasons some people are high achievers. Start your day off right by taking a few minutes to settle into your desk with a positive attitude. Then dive into your list of tasks that is organized by priority. Block off portions of your day for larger or ongoing projects. Do you have a task that is especially annoying or time consuming? Dive into it first to get it over with. The satisfaction and relief you’ll feel will give you a boost to help you with the rest of your day.

3. You need fuel

Lunch should also be productive. Try to avoid working at your desk and take the time to relax or plan the rest of your day in a positive and energetic way. Lunch shouldn’t be just about a filling meal, but it’s also an ideal time to take a walk to raise your endorphins level. A brisk 10-minute walk can do wonders for your alertness and productivity and help you avoid the late-afternoon crashes.

4. Find the balance

Leaving your work and the related stress at the office is easier said than done, but it’s a crucial step. You need to establish a good work/life balance so you can be more productive while you are at work. The nature of work is that there is always something to do. You can’t completely “finish” your work for the day, there is always tomorrow. Think of work in broader terms to avoid stressing over the small details.

5. Communicate effectively

Focus on the work and results. Don’t blame yourself for situations that are out of your control. For example if you make a routine mistake, don’t make it overblown and think your entire 1,000 person company is going down the tubes. If stress can’t be controlled, then be sure you talk to a coworker about what you are experiencing. They very well might have similar feelings, and talking through any issues can help you both to see things more rationally. Find a company mentor who can help you change your perspective and reduce everyday stress.

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