Cali whines their way out of having a Sriracha plant, Texas awaits

January 8, 2014


The Sriracha plant drama

Sriracha is a chili sauce that has mobs of fans that slather every food in it, Instagram it, rave about it, and live by it. It is an obsession for many. The problem is that the production of the sauce is also spicy, and residents in Irwindale, California where the Huy Fong plant is located, complained about the smell and the burning of their eyes as a result of being near the plant.

The complaints captured the attention of the city of Irwindale last year, which demanded that part of the plant be shut down so residents would no longer smell the Sriracha sauce in the air. Many feared a permanent shutdown, and a loss of their beloved condiment – social networks lit up with fear and opposing complaints.

In steps Texas

As the plant remains partially shut down, Huy Fong Foods has been sent an official letter by Texas state Representative Jason Villalba of Dallas, according to the Austinist, inviting the Sriracha creators to consider relocating to Texas.

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In his letter, Villalba said, “As a public official and a corporate attorney for small businesses, I am extremely troubled by excessive government interference in the operations of private, job-creating businesses like Huy Fong Foods.”

Villalba, a fan of Sriracha himself, also wrote, “You have worked too hard and have helped too many people to let government bureaucrats shut down your thriving business.”

The letter includes an offer to visit their headquarters with a “delegation of Texas dignitaries” to fully present his case.

Will California lose their beloved Sriracha plant?

Others will likely follow in Villalba’s steps, inviting the plant to relocate to their city, but the truth is that Texas is one of the most business-friendly environments in the nation, and let’s face it, everyone else from California ends up in Texas at one point or another, so why not Huy Fong Foods?

Jokes aside, this may end up being lucrative for Huy Fong Foods, as tax breaks and incentives along with lower operating costs would more than negate the relocation costs they will incur. Will California whine their way out of having a Sriracha plant? Probably.

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