glassdoor benefits

Glassdoor now lets you compare perks, benefits offered at companies

August 6, 2014

glassdoor benefits

Glassdoor adds yet another transparency to the biz world

Glassdoor, referred to as the Yelp for job hunting, has now added reviews for benefits so that anyone can compare benefits packages and perks being offered and companies across the globe.

This new feature is extremely useful for small businesses that want to know what their competitors are offering, and equally beneficial to anyone on the hunt for a new job. In today’s world, perks and benefits are often offered in place of higher salaries (which is to be expected given the preferences of Millennials who overwhelmingly will opt to take a job with creative benefits over higher paying jobs).

You already know Glassdoor offers a transparent look at salaries and work conditions at companies, compiled through anonymous surveys and reviews from employees. Now, the Benefits Reviews will give an even deeper look at the following categories (according to the Glassdoor blog):

  • Health and wellness (e.g., health and dental insurance)
  • Financial and retirement (e.g., 401(k), pension plans)
  • Family and parenting (e.g., onsite daycare, adoption assistance)
  • Vacation and time off (e.g., holiday pay, sabbaticals)
  • Perks and discounts (e.g., free lunches, dog friendly office, company car)
  • Professional support (e.g., diversity program, tuition assistance)

Glassdoor reports that over half of all employees surveyed have indicated that they believe their benefits package beats what their employer’s competitors offer, but are they right? Now, it is easier to compare apples to apples and become empowered during employee negotiations. It also becomes easier for smaller brands to see where they can improve or publicly promote where they shine. It’s a win-win!

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Video intro to Glassdoor Benefits Reviews

Take the survey or manage your brand’s benefits on Glassdoor

You can get involved as an employer or employee with Glassdoor’s new feature by doing one of the following:

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