errol samuelson

Samuelson, Zillow dealt a massive blow in NAR/Move legal battle

July 2, 2014

errol samuelson

WA judge grants a preliminary injunction against Zillow/Samuelson

(REALUOSO.COM) – Marking a win in Move, Inc.’s column, Washington State Superior Court Judge Barbara Linde has granted a preliminary injunction in the case of Move, Inc. and the National Association of REALTORSĀ® et al. vs. Zillow, Inc. and Errol Samuelson et al.

On March 5th of this year, Zillow announced that Errol Samuelson, former President of and Chief Strategy Officer at Move, Inc. became their new Chief Industry Development Officer on the same day he resigned from Move, Inc. without notice.

Samuelson had a long-standing appointment with Steve Berkowitz, CEO at Move, Inc. on March 6th to review his past and future goals where he could have resigned in person, but instead, he did so over the phone during an investor meeting that required Berkowitz’s attendance…


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