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instant gratification

Make it snappy: Instant gratification and l...

Nov 24, 2015No Comments

We want it now! Here's what some psychologists say about our tendency towards last-minute deals in a culture that rewards instant gratification.

moschino barbie

Mattel features little boy in Barbie ad, st...

Nov 18, 2015No Comments

In a new Barbie ad running on tv, Mattel includes a male actor. But we're left wondering if they're really interested in inclusion or sales?

amazon book store retail

Amazon’s new offline book store: Awes...

Nov 18, 2015No Comments

Even though Google decided not to open a retail store location, Amazon is giving it a go with books and the result is pretty awesome.

world's oldest millennial

I am the world’s oldest millennial: e...

Nov 17, 2015No Comments

As we explore the massive differences between Junior and Senior Millennials, we pause to acknowledge the fact that I'm the world's oldest millennial. Yay?

iphone social media texting

Social media early adopters may now be crip...

Nov 17, 20151 Comment

Social media early adopters paved the way for the robust ecosystem we enjoy today and set the culture, but adhering to the original principles holds

thinking woman

Modern feminism is not about men, and you&#...

Nov 17, 2015No Comments

A lot of buzz is circulating around feminism - but what is modern feminism? What does a modern feminist stand for? It's more simple than

growth hacking

Growth hacking and the dirty little secret ...

Nov 16, 20154 Comments

Growth hacking is a term that's been thrown around a lot recently, and we are ready to throw down to set the record straight. Could

happy smiling

Why do we secretly love to see others fail?

Nov 11, 2015No Comments

We live in a competitive society; this is no secret. Why do we secretly delight in watching others fail? The answer may surprise you.

body language

7 ways your body language can make people w...

Nov 11, 2015No Comments

Better believe it, 55 percent of communication relies on body language - are you saying what you want to say? Here are 7 ways to

gender bias

Have you audited your website for gender bi...

Nov 10, 2015No Comments

Gender equality is a hot issue, and your company could take some heat if you think certain people should stay in the kitchen (or make

mentor mentorship

New startup makes us ask: Should mentors be...

Nov 09, 2015No Comments

Mentors are a tremendous value to mentees, but should they expect to be paid for their time or does that violate the entire social contract


Enough with the “fail faster” m...

Nov 02, 20151 Comment

We live in a world of tweetable inspirational quotes that tell you failure is okay, but what is missing is the idea that perseverance is