zillow trulia

Firm says Zillow/Trulia have potential anti-trust blood on their hands

August 5, 2014

zillow trulia

I know, I know – you’re probably sick of hearing about Zillow. It’s been one week since the jawdropping announcement that Zillow is buying Trulia and it seems you cannot log onto Facebook or read an industry news site without reading one more opinion of the proposed stock buyout. While some have questioned if the federal government will allow the plan to move forward, citing potential anti-trust issues if real estate portal giants number one and number two combine forces, another anti-trust issue surfaced this week.

Recently, HousingWire published an article stating that Citron Research shows that the combined super syndicator may not be all it’s cracked up to be from a financial investment standpoint. The article calls the new entity a “Potemkin village” built to impress and exaggerate how good things are in Zulia-ville, and not a true superpower destined to dominate the real estate portals.

In “Zuliagate – The Big Secret,” Citron Research states that “the combination of Zillow and Trulia is supposed to give the combined entity the power to triple ad revenue from real estate agents. Nothing could be further from the truth — and we have the proof…”

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