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Some pay double for home, auto, health, and...

Jul 01, 2015No Comments

If you live in Louisiana, or the Northeast, a huge portion of your income goes to various insurances. How does your state rank when it

seed round

Report: Business owners fail to shop for bu...

Jun 29, 2015No Comments

Talk about leaving cash on the table! A recent Lending Tree report found that entrepreneurs fail to shop around for small business loans, despite alternative

credit cards

Can you legally charge customers credit car...

Jun 24, 20151 Comment

Credit card fees and processing fees are very nuanced, and you might be charging in a way that lands you in hot water - know

cash hand

What’s next for crowdfunding? Four pr...

Jun 08, 20153 Comments

Crowdfunding has changed considerably in the last two years alone, so what does the future hold for this form of funding?

tax preparers

How to use your tax refund to grow your sma...

Jun 08, 20151 Comment

Using your tax refund to invest in your own business is a smart move, but where is the best place to put it?

draft investing app

DRAFT: the investing app for people who thi...

Apr 29, 20153 Comments

DRAFT seeks to expose transaction fees and help you compare yours to people nearby - it makes investing accessible to all.

tax preparers

Report finds taxes done by non-CPA preparer...

Apr 14, 2015No Comments

Before getting your taxes done at a strip mall, check out this report that shows massive errors, and even forgeries by non-CPA tax preparers.


SalesMaple is a hot new sales tool on mega ...

Apr 12, 2015No Comments

SalesMaple is a sales reporting, analysis, and dynamic prediction platform that provides intelligent sales pipeline management and forecasting.


Openfolio: Gamification of investments is a...

Apr 12, 20153 Comments

Facebook meets Wall Street with Openfoilo. Share your investment ideas and tips with like-minded professionals.

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Secretly see how your net worth stacks up a...

Feb 23, 20152 Comments

Just like we all go click around Facebook to see who from high school got ugly, we can also make ourselves feel better (or, worse)

visage payroll

Visage Payroll: free payroll tool for small...

Feb 08, 2015No Comments

(Business Finance) Visage Payroll was founded to do away with the payroll tools that start out free and get expensive - small businesses should take


Quick and easy invoicing tool, a must for f...

Feb 02, 2015No Comments

(Business Finance) Invoicing on the go is often necessary, but can be a hassle. A new tool can help you send out what you need,