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Freelancers: How to stop billing hourly and...

Jan 26, 2016No Comments

Working as a freelancer isn’t easy. Despite the hard work, many professionals choose this route in order to escape the daily grind of working for

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Which retailers are forecast to make the mo...

Jan 20, 2016No Comments

The face of retailers is changing as online sales increase in volume. Who will win the race in the coming years? Amazon is poised to

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Freelancers: here are 7 ways to get your in...

Jan 12, 2016No Comments

It's easy to feel uncomfortable bringing up money with your superiors, but for a freelancer, it's more important than ever to bring up the issue.

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Are lenders determining credit-worthiness b...

Dec 08, 2015No Comments

Shopping for a small-business loan? Lenders are now using social media and smartphone habits (including who you are texting, GPS locations and check-ins) to determine


Mobile payments and swiping devices at regi...

Dec 02, 2015No Comments

Mobile payments and proximity payments (waving devices at the register) are set to have a tremendous year, here are the stats.

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Hey freelancers – use this website an...

Dec 02, 2015No Comments

Bonsai has got your back Freelancing, for the most part, is a great gig. In most respects, you have the ability to pick your own

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Square introduces contactless pay with chip...

Nov 30, 2015No Comments

Square is rolling with the times. Their new reader now accepts contactless payment (like Apple Pay) and a chip reader, making payment smoother than ever.

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Startup failure: This tool helps you sell a...

Nov 23, 2015No Comments

If your startup is not going to succeed, instead of calling it a loss, you can at least sell the endless assets you have so

overstock gold is hiding food and $10M in go...

Nov 19, 2015No Comments has overstocked supplies and precious metals - if the economy crashes and renders commercial banks dead, Overstock is taking care of their employees.


HixMe reimagines healthcare benefits under ...

Nov 13, 2015No Comments

How one healthcare company has found a way to privatize Obamacare, make employees happy, and keep HR from melting under the stress of sifting through

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3 finance apps for freelancers that hate de...

Nov 09, 20154 Comments

Finance apps can sound daunting when you're trying to focus on your specialization, but every freelancer needs to have the best tools at hand in

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Two apps that round up all purchases, inves...

Nov 06, 2015No Comments

If you're too lazy to invest in yourself or in charity, let these apps round up your spare change and invest FOR you.