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Calculator shows how much office space you actually need

July 10, 2014

office leadership

TheSquareFoot calculator answers an age-old question

You need a new office, whether it’s your first, you’re moving, or changing the size of your footprint. How do you determine the actual amount of square footage you need? Most people, whether with an agent or not, do the old fashioned drive by and think, “that would be a great location, let’s look at that!”

Finding an office space is about actual business needs, not just trendy locations or a cheap price per square foot. In that spirit, TheSquareFoot has launched an Office Space Calculator to modernize the process rather than using other calculators that they reference as being “seemingly impossible to use, with multiple rows and columns and user interfaces that seem like they were pulled straight out of the 90’s.”

The company says their goal is to make the process more approachable, and emphasizes usability, not just raw square footage needs, and offers what could be the most realistic and accurate size estimation available.

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Use the calculator, then start your hunt for space

The calculator starts by selecting your number of employees and how much space you’d like them to have. Choices range from Economy (100 sqft), Average (125 sqft) and Spacious (150 sqft). You can then add rooms you’d like included such as private offices, reception areas, conference rooms, kitchens etc. Once you’re done fine-tuning you can search existing listings in most major cities.

This new calculator has the power to help you determine how much space you actually need instead of just relying on a good deal or the hope that a convenient location. Then, you can look at actual property listings that match your needs in your city and reach out to the agent (best done through your own agent). Genius.

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