fingernail stylus

Finger tip stylus improves accuracy for long nails, big fingers

January 17, 2013

fingernail stylus

Finger tip stylus makes device use easier

Anyone who has ever tried to use a non-mobile friendly device from a smartphone, or ladies with long fingernails (real or fake) knows that the world isn’t exactly 100 percent mobile ready. Tech Tips, LLC has tackled this problem with precision styluses that can be used on various touchscreen devices ranging from smartphones and tablets to eReaders, touchscreen desktops, and point-of-sale terminals.

Developed by a dermatologist for her own accuracy when using a smartphone, and while created specifically to work with iOS devices, they work across multiple operating systems. The company offers two products – Tech Tips which is a tiny stylus that slides on to a finger tip to improve accuracy, and Nano Nails which go on the tip of long fingernails to allow women to use devices that are nearly impossible to use unless acrylics are popped off or real nails are filed down.

Rather than trying to replicate a fingerpad on a writing utensil, the company took a different approach to make a small enough device that would simply turn a finger into a stylus, augmenting a natural tool and natural movement and minimizing errors on smaller devices.

Both devices were unveiled at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show and are expected to be available for purchase this May, at a low cost. For example, the Nano Nails are expected to come in packs of six for $10.

Photo tour of the finger tip stylus

fingernail stylus


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fingernail stylus

Video tour of the finger tip stylus

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