Brydge iPad case turns your tablet into a laptop

May 1, 2012

Adding functionality to an iPad

While most iPad users are content to use the touchscreen on their beloved devices, some have difficulty doing so, or have just not found their fingers to be fast enough without a keyboard. Enter The Brydge as demonstrated in the video above.

Bridge calls itself “an elegant solution to the lack of quality iPad keyboards and accessories currently on the market,” and offers aerospace-grade aluminum rather than painted plastic for the keyboard. It simply connects to your iPad using a hinge that the company has a patent-pending on, and connects via bluetooth.

The iPad clicks when attached properly, and opens and closes up to 180 degrees, acting as a keyboard and a stand for multi-media viewing. Additionally, the Brydge has an option for on-board speakers, which will be a bonus for many who have complained the stock speakers on the iPad are poor quality.

When connected, the Brydge and iPad together are roughly the same size and weight as a MacBook Air. The company says their goal was to make a product that is worthy of the iPad, as it adheres to the Apple design standards and aesthetic. The team used to fundraise, and raised more than three times their goal of $90,000. The device will ship this fall for $170.

Can’t wait until this fall? Try Logitech

As an alternative, if you do not have the patience to wait until this fall, or care to spend $170, and are willing to explore other options, we introduced you to the Logitech iPad keyboard that was previously $100 and has dropped to $79.99. It too has aircraft-quality aluminum and connects via Bluetooth, and although it is arguably not as sexy as the Brydge, it is a tested product and has extra features like padding to protect an iPad during a fall. Visit Logitech for more information.

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  1. Okay, this one I actually like. All the other case/keyboard combos are varying degrees of crap. The really good solutions are the separate keyboards from various manufacturers including Logitech mentioned here.

    My opinion still is that all these solutions are geared more towards travel and home. For day to day road use, there is now way I’m going to lug around something that makes my iPad heavier and more unwieldy to use. As an agent the whole Idea of an iPad is to keep it lean and mean on the road.

    I dig the idea of the Brydge as a home docking solution for anything that goes beyond light email and messaging.

    Just saw this…from the folks at Brydge: combining a refrigerator and a toaster.

  3. This is what i have been waiting for, this is really worth buying. I hope this is already available in the Philippines.

  4. With such iPad case I Will no longer have to carry my laptop for travel all I will be needing is my iPad with this case. I wonder why apple haven’t created such kind of case. I just bought a binder iPad case from this site and it also looks pretty cool

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