AgentGenius columnist discusses mortgage rates on CNBC

August 16, 2010

AgentGenius columnist, Fred Glick is a regular contributor at CNBC and his most recent appearance is one that we feel is necessary for agents to watch and fully comprehend.

We recommend watching the full segment, but if you’re short on time, Fred’s segment starts at around 2:20. Tell us in comments if you agree or disagree with Fred’s assessment.

First of all, let's clear an oft-confused difference between true PageRank (PR) and what most folks are familiar with: toolbar PageRank (tPR). It's impossible to know your actual PageRank. Your actual PageRank is a numerical weight assigned to the varying pages of your website. What you're probably used to seeing…
A quick review of the HAFA short sale and deed-in-lieu program... Everyone is talking about HAFA. Everyone wants to qualify. But, is it all that it’s cracked up to be? The Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives Program was the program created by our government to provide incentives to those individuals (and…

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  1. Of course it is jobs, jobs, jobs and then job security.

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