Agents eat pot brownies accidentally served at Rose McGowan’s realtor open

August 11, 2011

Mixup in Hollywood

As actress Rose McGowan of Grindhouse, Scream and Jawbreakers fame prepared her Hollywood home for sale, a mixup between McGowan and her assistant as to which brownies to put out for the eight Realtors and various inspectors coming to the home, according to

The agents apparently ate marijuana-laced brownies (“pot brownies”) after McGowan’s assistant put out the wrong batch of snacks. reports the assistant made the brownies for McGowan to try but mixed them up with the legitimate brownies.


McGowan said, “There were eight Realtors and inspectors coming to the house… and you have to get out of your house… and I notice there’s a big, huge plate of brownies that said ‘Enjoy!’ on the saran-wrap… and I just left, I didn’t think about it.”

She also noted that “At 4:30, I get a call from my realtor saying, ‘Erm, I’m at my parent teacher conference; was there anything in those brownies?’ I’m imagining all these poor people… high as a kite, like, ‘What the hell happened in Hollywood?'”

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  1. I wonder if that nullifies any contract written that day by those Realtors…

  2. That's great. Poor Realtors.

  3. An idea…serve those "bad boys" at Open Houses to prospective buyers. Bidding wars will result…thereby helping our debt-ridden economy. Everybody's HAPPY!

  4. Now I FINALLY have a reason to go to those worthless open houses!

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