UPDATE! RE BarCamp San Francisco 2008

Agentgenius.com tips in $250 for RE BarCamp 2008 who’s next?

Dontation Rules:

The rules of barcamp are quite specific on donations set for sponsorship. In order to keep all sponsors equal, donations are limited to $250. So whether you’re google, or a start-up you’re all on a level playing field. If you can give please commit today!  If you know a real estate company that doesn’t yet know about Re barcamp, please pass the word!

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Current Commitments to RE BarCamp 2008:

As AG's Founder, Director & Publisher: I've dedicated the past two decades to focusing small, medium and large businesses on consumerism, consumer needs, trends, and what consumers find valuable within the user experience. I founded AG in hopes of furthering your business growth. I hope you enjoy AG, and that you will reach out if I can help your company or association communicate it's value.


  1. O.K. MLBroadcast is in for $250. Who else will step up :)


  2. VAR is in for $250.

  3. brainious.com is in for $250

  4. Sounds like a blast — Zillow is in for $500.

  5. Great, we’ve got enough for beer, I guess we need to get serious and raise some serious cash!

  6. err hand out

  7. I intend on drinking heavilly and probably eating my weight so folks need to keep giving…

    It’s time for the next commitment, who’s in?

  8. A sincere Thank You to Benn & the rest of the sponsors & volunteers

    You all freakin rock.

    Sorry for how that went down, but we live & learn, right?

  9. RealEsateZebra.com is in for $250. A Zebra knows a good investment when he sees one.. .

  10. ZIPVO.com is in for $250.

  11. We’re at $1750, we’ll need twice this amount at least, come on guys!

    Thanks Zebra, and Zipvo!

  12. What a great idea Andy–Trulia is in!

  13. Welcome to the party Heather, it should be fun. Thanks.

  14. Sarah and I wouldn’t miss the opportunity to support this meeting of the minds. MyMarketWare is in for $250!

  15. Awesome, thanks Nicole.

    I’ll add MyMarketWare to the wiki.

  16. HomePerks would be happy to sponsor this event. Count us in for $250 and we’ll see you in SF.

  17. Thanks Brian! Glad to have you. I have added you to the sponsor list on the Wiki ( http://rebarcamp.pbwiki.com )

  18. Nice to have you on board Brian.

    Looks like Mike beat me to adding you to the wiki :)

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