UPDATE! RE BarCamp San Francisco 2008

Agentgenius.com tips in $250 for RE BarCamp 2008 who’s next?

Dontation Rules:

The rules of barcamp are quite specific on donations set for sponsorship. In order to keep all sponsors equal, donations are limited to $250. So whether you’re google, or a start-up you’re all on a level playing field. If you can give please commit today!  If you know a real estate company that doesn’t yet know about Re barcamp, please pass the word!

Bar Camp logo

Current Commitments to RE BarCamp 2008:

In my efforts to provide added value to those I work with, I like to come up with rather unusual ways for people to stand out from the crowd.  One obvious way to stand out from the crowd is to see what everyone else is doing in their marketing and…
Want to see what Austin Bar Camp was like in 2007?  Check this out! See you on July 22nd!  Be a sponsor Visit the Bar Camp Wiki Go to the RE Bar Camp Website

As AG's Founder, Director & Publisher: I've dedicated the past two decades to focusing small, medium and large businesses on consumerism, consumer needs, trends, and what consumers find valuable within the user experience. I founded AG in hopes of furthering your business growth. I hope you enjoy AG, and that you will reach out if I can help your company or association communicate it's value.


  1. O.K. MLBroadcast is in for $250. Who else will step up :)


  2. VAR is in for $250.

  3. brainious.com is in for $250

  4. Sounds like a blast — Zillow is in for $500.

  5. Great, we’ve got enough for beer, I guess we need to get serious and raise some serious cash!

  6. err hand out

  7. I intend on drinking heavilly and probably eating my weight so folks need to keep giving…

    It’s time for the next commitment, who’s in?

  8. A sincere Thank You to Benn & the rest of the sponsors & volunteers

    You all freakin rock.

    Sorry for how that went down, but we live & learn, right?

  9. RealEsateZebra.com is in for $250. A Zebra knows a good investment when he sees one.. .

  10. ZIPVO.com is in for $250.

  11. We’re at $1750, we’ll need twice this amount at least, come on guys!

    Thanks Zebra, and Zipvo!

  12. What a great idea Andy–Trulia is in!

  13. Welcome to the party Heather, it should be fun. Thanks.

  14. Sarah and I wouldn’t miss the opportunity to support this meeting of the minds. MyMarketWare is in for $250!

  15. Awesome, thanks Nicole.

    I’ll add MyMarketWare to the wiki.

  16. HomePerks would be happy to sponsor this event. Count us in for $250 and we’ll see you in SF.

  17. Thanks Brian! Glad to have you. I have added you to the sponsor list on the Wiki ( http://rebarcamp.pbwiki.com )

  18. Nice to have you on board Brian.

    Looks like Mike beat me to adding you to the wiki :)

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