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salary negotiation

13 phrases that could kill your salary nego...

Nov 29, 2015No Comments

After a job interview goes well, you'll move on to the next phase - salary negotiation. Here are 13 phrases you should never use.


7 circumstances that demand you say “...

Nov 27, 2015No Comments

When do you know that it's time to rebrand? There are 7 times that it is completely unavoidable; let's discuss them.

young laughing

How to sound smarter at work (without annoy...

Nov 24, 2015No Comments

Raise the bar on your vocabulary game like you're studying for the SATs. These 10 words will dazzle, delight, and impress your coworkers and boss.

desk email signature

Improve your email signature, win at life

Nov 20, 2015No Comments

Your email signature has a big impact on how clients and business partners perceive you and your company. Can't figure out where to start? We've

minimalist resume template

10 gorgeous minimalist resume templates

Nov 18, 2015No Comments

These beautifully designed minimalist resume templates can help you stand out when you're looking for your next great opportunity.

team meeting

Wait, what? The 15 most commonly misunderst...

Nov 17, 20151 Comment

A study asked the parents of ~1,000 individuals to explain what their child does for work. We present to you: the 15 most commonly misunderstood

small business saturday

5 ways to attract sales this Small Business...

Nov 17, 2015No Comments

After Black Friday comes Small Business Saturday - does your biz have the social media game down? We've got you covered if you don't know


Starbucks to extend full tuition coverage t...

Nov 12, 20151 Comment

After hiring over 5,000 veterans in the last few years, Starbucks is now extending full undergraduate tuition to military employees and their families.

thinking woman

Study: Your mentor wants you to shut up and...

Nov 10, 2015No Comments

Should we be rethinking the reasons we connect with a mentor? New information is bringing to light that similar backgrounds don't always produce sympathy.


5 ways you’re accidentally creeping p...

Nov 06, 2015No Comments

Most creepy people don't know they're creeping people out, so check out this list to make sure people don't secretly think you're creepy!

leadership working

9 ways to think like a respected leader

Nov 04, 2015No Comments

These 9 traits common among leaders can easily be implemented into anyone’s life with a little bit of focus, and can turn anyone into a


6 sites that take the guesswork out of find...

Nov 02, 20151 Comment

Finding a freelancer sounds easy, but there are some substantial challenges; these six sites tackle those challenges and makes it easier for you to find