business leaders

10 business leaders that innovate, inspire, and influence

business leaders

Business leaders inspire us to groom our own paths

One of the best ways each of us can become a better leader is to groom our leadership paths, inspired by those who have gone before us. Below are 10 business leaders that innovate, inspire, and influence, and by learning what it is that makes them tick, we may find similarities to build upon, or even discover pitfalls they’ve experienced that they’re willing to share.

From various industries and levels of leadership, the following ten business leaders tell you in their own words how they got to where they are, what their daily lives are like, and what has inspired them. Some of them wake up at ungodly hours to start their days, others are night owls, while some obsess over technology, and others not so much. The idea that it takes one type to be a successful leader is completely wrong, as demonstrated through the diversity below.

Enjoy reading (and hint: they give away what tools are their favorite, what they can’t live without, and even what keeps them up at night):

  1. Spencer Rascoff, CEO at Zillow
  2. Chris Treadaway, Founder and CEO of PolyGraph Media
  3. Tinu Abayomi-Paul, Owner of Leveraged Promotions Company
  4. Devin Mathias, Consultant at Marts & Lundy
  5. Jeff Klee, CEO of
  6. OB Jacobi, President of Windermere Real Estate Company
  7. Amy Vernon, GM of Social Marketing at Internet Media Labs
  8. Marc Lefton, Owner of Half Fiction
  9. Matt Murphy, CEO of Fusion 92
  10. D. Scott Smith, CCIM, Commercial Manager and Professor
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  1. Wait – I know @amyvernon, Marc Lefton, and Devin. Also: me!

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