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Dang! 39% of all online purchases are made ...

Dec 23, 2015No Comments

An overwhelming majority of online shopping is done through Amazon - 39% in fact, which is more than the top twenty one biggest online retailers


Clothing stores lost $185M in November, it ...

Dec 21, 2015No Comments

While you were rejoicing in the 70 degree weather, basking in the warm November sunlight, clothing retailers were watching their money disappear.

fair housing violation against families

Amazon Mom FINALLY becomes Amazon Family, b...

Dec 16, 2015No Comments

Under the cover of night, Amazon finally changed Amazon Mom to Amazon Family - finally recognizing that raising a family is not just the job

holiday shopping

Our official kickass gift guide for 2015

Dec 09, 2015No Comments

Our ultimate kickass holiday gift guide for 2015 includes something for everyone on your list. The secret is: this doubles as a wishlist for you.

thinking pondering

What is the Ambiguity Effect and how is it ...

Dec 09, 2015No Comments

The Ambiguity Effect is a term that refers to our natural fear of the unknown. So, how did this apply to the psychology of sales,


Study: Why in-person or video meetings conv...

Dec 07, 2015No Comments

Your pitch is perfect. The e-mail you sent off was perfectly worded, you threw in some baller infographics, and there wasn't a single typo -

coffee break

Long breaks at work don’t increase yo...

Dec 06, 20151 Comment

Don't let management see this. Recent studies show that long breaks from work (like using the company-provided foosball table) don't actually increase productivity. Dang.

small business delivery

Is your company wasting its time (and money...

Dec 02, 2015No Comments

Recent studies show that same-day delivery services have lost their gleam for different demographic subsets of online shoppers. Who do you market to, and are

meeting interview

What recruiters really think when they find...

Dec 01, 2015No Comments

The 2015 Recruiter Nation Survey results are out, and included is some interesting information on what recruiters think when they find your social media profile.

company vision

5 Hacks for aligning employees with your co...

Dec 01, 2015No Comments

You've come up with a brilliant company vision, but how exactly do you get (and keep) employees aligned with that vision?

instagram boomerang

8 phrases that reveal you are definitely a ...

Nov 30, 2015No Comments

These 8 phrases are a part of culture right now and will probably be here for a hot minute - so the question is: are

salary negotiation

13 phrases that could kill your salary nego...

Nov 29, 2015No Comments

After a job interview goes well, you'll move on to the next phase - salary negotiation. Here are 13 phrases you should never use.