Top 25 companies for culture and values, according to employees

September 3, 2014


“I’ll never work anywhere else”

When seeking a new position or career, many different factors can make a position more appealing than other. For some people, salary is the most important thing; for others it is vacation time or working environment. There seems to be a shift away from the totalitarian business environment, as more an more businesses are embracing a more casual working environment.

It is more conducive for productivity and overall employee health to foster a work environment that people enjoy, rather than one they dread. Career platform, Glassdoor, has just announced the Top 25 companies for culture and values based on workplace insights shared by employees. These are the companies that value their work environment as well as their workers.

top 25

How was the survey conducted?

The survey does not explicitly say what questions were asked or how the survey was conducted, simply that “the following companies stand out for high culture and values ratings and insightful reviews.” Also stating, a value rating of 3.51 to 4.0 is equivalent to “satisfied” and a rating of 4.01 to 5.0 means “very satisfied.”

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However, according to Forbes, “to be considered for this list, companies had to be headquartered in the U.S. and have received at least 100 culture and values employee ratings on Glassdoor over the past 12 months. Employees who completed the survey were asked several questions, including, ‘how would you rate the culture and values at your company?’”

And the winner is: Twitter

The top five companies may surprise you with the number one ranked company being Twitter. It scored an overall 4.5. One employee sited their ten core values and the feeling of being driven to be better, as reasons why the company is the best. The number two choice is Edelman, with Google a close third. Riverbed Technologies and Facebook come in fourth and fifth, respectively, both citing their employees feeling “valued and appreciated” as reasons why the work environment is great.

All of these top five companies have a clear sense of values and a guidelines. With some employees stating, “I’ll never work anywhere else;” they must be doing something right.

One thing all of these companies have in common is a clear sense of fostering a work environment where people feel like they belong, and for many, this is more important than a number on a paycheck. If you have a team that you trust, management that understands, and opinions that are valued, getting up and going to work is much easier. And anything that is easier, is good.

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