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February 4, 2008

i can has laptop kitteh

photo credit: Levana

Hit up my third favorite website, Mashable’s recent article guiding laptop users to be more productive on the go! If you haven’t clicked over simply on the merit of this article’s title, let me tell you what you’ll learn:

  • You can get Internet access anywhere you’ve got your cell phone!
  • You can turn your laptop into an anti-theft device.
  • Keep your files in sync regardless of your location.
  • Learn to extend your battery life.
  • Make a laptop stand and a laptop sleeve (cover).
  • Make your computer respond when you leave and return (“hello, [your name]”)!
  • Learn the lazy way to use your laptop in bed- a laptop dock!

Oh, laptop- I sure do love you, thanks for making me so productive!

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  1. But they missed the ideal way to decorate your laptop:

    Total preparation time: 10 minutes.


    – 1 Laptop
    – 1 3-year-old boy
    – 1 magazine that comes with stickers from child’s TV programme
    – (Optional: 5-year-old girl and butterfly stickers)


    – Give stickers to boy. Place boy and laptop together in room. Leave for 10 minutes.

    Result: http://www.flickr.com/photos/markharrisonuk/2126243689/

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