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Which of your Facebook posts is pissing peo...

Feb 05, 2016No Comments

A recent survey of over 10,000 social media users reveals the five most annoying Facebook posts, as broken down by state.


One in three companies have rejected candid...

Feb 03, 20162 Comments

According to a recent survey, social media has now begun affecting potential employment with over one third  of companies disqualifying job candidates because of information found on

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Clean up your LinkedIn profile and stop get...

Jan 28, 20162 Comments

LinkedIn’s primary functionality makes it entirely different than your personal Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account, and obviously, there are some fundamental things you must know

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We’re callin’ it: Peach will on...

Jan 26, 2016No Comments

Given its offerings and interest, Peach will most likely be a boom, but it won’t necessarily be a mainstream app. For the niches that adopt


Lollicam video editor “brings hollywo...

Jan 26, 2016No Comments

The next step for selfie-loving millennials who are bored of taking still photos? Becoming movie stars and film directors, of course. lollicam is a simple


AdEspresso is a must for any brand futzing ...

Jan 25, 2016No Comments

AdEspresso is one tool for Facebook Ads that helps you optimize, hit your target, and save cash. Win-win.

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MeWe is the social media alternative for th...

Jan 25, 2016No Comments

MeWe, a new social media site, seems to offer everything Facebook does and more, but with privacy as a foundation of its business model. Said

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Parents on Facebook spend a LOT more than n...

Jan 22, 2016No Comments

Sitting in the dark, rocking a sleeping baby, with the soft glow of Facebook pulled up on a smartphone is today’s new parent routine. In

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Why anyone should give a crap that Twitter&...

Jan 22, 2016No Comments

By this time, you’re probably aware of Twitter’s controversial hints about upgrading its signature character count from 140 to 10,000. Well, take a couple of


Social networks getting more niche: FitCliq...

Jan 19, 2016No Comments

FitCliq helps you connect with people who share your passion (or lack thereof) about fitness, proving the value of social networks getting more and more


DeeMe is a new photo messaging app with fab...

Jan 19, 2016No Comments

DeeMe wants to reimagine instant messaging and is doing so by peppering in gorgeous typography. What do you think?


Making A Murderer update and what it says a...

Jan 18, 2016No Comments

The 10-hour Netflix documentary, "Making A Murderer" has viewers flocking to the web to opine, petition, and mock. Here's where things are today.