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The hidden secret features of social networ...

Jul 28, 2015No Comments

We all use social networks, but features change and we may miss some of the new tweaks, so here are some to help get you


Reddit turmoil could jeopardize their marke...

Jul 24, 2015No Comments

Just when Reddit began to seem like an appealing option for marketers, things got complicated and unless they recover it could get worse.


Your custom Twitter background is gone, pro...

Jul 23, 20151 Comment

Twitter recently implemented a change to users' defaults settings that has Twitter users a bit unhappy. Have you seen the change?


Facebook frustrating marketers yet again wi...

Jul 17, 20151 Comment

Year after year Facebook “likes” have been the definitive measure of success for marketers. This is all changing with a new feature already in place.

twitter ads

Twitter pulls autoplay ads to avoid trigger...

Jul 14, 2015No Comments

After tweeting complaints, an advocacy group pushed Twitter to stop auto playing ads (but hasn't Facebook done this for years?).

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Facebook Events loophole brands should take...

Jul 13, 2015No Comments

Facebook Events have been updated, creating an interesting loophole brands should know about.


13 hilarious tips for appearing more intell...

Jul 13, 20151 Comment

There is a lot of ridiculousness found on Twitter, and one blogger takes some shots at the most commonly idiotic acts on Twitter.

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Narrow: brand spankin’ new tool helps...

Jul 12, 2015No Comments

Narrow is a tool that is just now in beta, and without trying to sell you a magic bullet, the brand hopes to minimize your


Facebook looks to appeal to YouTube users, ...

Jul 12, 2015No Comments

Facebook makes a play to attract YouTubers, but will their efforts put a dent in Google-owned YouTube?


Senate advances bill requiring social netwo...

Jul 09, 2015No Comments

Members of the Senate want to make sure that when particular red-listed topics appear, the owners of the social media platform report them, or else.


Periscope updates iOS app to address some u...

Jul 08, 2015No Comments

Periscope, the fan favorite of live broadcasting apps these days, has issued some subtle updates that users will appreciate.

tinder match

Tinder to offer verified profiles with one ...

Jul 08, 2015No Comments

Tinder enables millions of people to meet because they have so many active users. Now they're rolling out verified profiles, but there's a catch.