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facebook marketing

Sneak peek of a possible new Facebook Pages...

Sep 01, 2015No Comments

Facebook has become notorious for changing up their marketing metrics, leaving users wondering what's up. However, this new feature could help page admins.

social media

The psychology behind social media sharing ...

Aug 31, 2015No Comments

Social media shareability is increasingly complex as digital goes mainstream, but if your efforts are falling short, check out what's making people share these days.

m personal assistant Facebook

Facebook pilots “M,” a Siri-esq...

Aug 30, 2015No Comments

Facebook M is being tested so the social network can take over yet another function of your internet life. Are you on board?


Obscure social media sites you probably hav...

Aug 25, 20151 Comment

You already know about Facebook and Twitter, but do you know about these niche social media platforms that could benefit your marketing strategy.

google hangouts

Google Hangouts improvements mean more stab...

Aug 20, 2015No Comments

Google says they've been obsessing over fixing bugs, and improvements to Google Hangouts mean it could finally be more stable and reliable.

magic actions

Magic Actions plugin is a must for any YouT...

Aug 19, 2015No Comments

Magic Actions is a free plugin that augments your YouTube experience and adds functionality that doesn't naturally exist.

brand commandr

Brand Commandr monitors your team’s s...

Aug 18, 2015No Comments

Brand Commandr has launched to monitor your team's social media use, because they're using your company name and it's easy to make a mistake.

facebook notes

Facebook Notes to get a makeover, looks a l...

Aug 17, 20151 Comment

Facebook Notes is being revived as a carbon copy of Medium's blogging platform - will it take off?


Facebook’s algorithm has been updated...

Aug 16, 2015No Comments

Facebook has had an algorithm makeover this summer; we'd like to catch you up in a concise manner.


Could Makerbase be a LinkedIn killer for th...

Aug 16, 2015No Comments

Makerbase is like the IMDB of tech creations; could it inadvertently put a dent in LinkedIn's market share?

social cloud suite

Social Cloud Suite: automate your social me...

Aug 14, 2015No Comments

Social Cloud Suite has launched as an inexpensive way to squeeze the most ROI out of social media that you can.


Is Facebook about to take on e-commerce kin...

Aug 12, 20151 Comment

If your buyers are all on Facebook, this new e-commerce option soon to roll out could mean your golden egg has arrived.