Facebook’s new news feed means new image sizes, here are the details

March 24, 2014


Appropriate image sizes for the new Facebook layout

In case it hasn’t been rolled out to your Facebook news feed yet, big changes are on the way, and Facebook looks different. Some love it, some hate it, but it looks more mobile and offers better fonts, no big deal.

But, the changes do mean that the optimal image sizes for photo posts and link posts are different, and if you don’t want to have wonky pictures, Gain has created a handy graphic to support your Facebook efforts.

Images must be at least 470 px wide in order to show up, and images less than 394 px in height will leave a big ol’ blank space on the right, leaving your page looking sloppy.

Also, knowing these image sizes and amplifying them for your blog or website makes your content look amazing when shared (instead of out of whack).

Clean up your news feed and try out the new sizes, outlined below:


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