How to embed Instagram photos, videos on your website

July 11, 2013


Instagram finally adds web embeds

Instagram has finally rolled out web embedding for Instagram content, both photos and videos, a move that many say is long overdue. Now, when you visit an Instagram photo or video from your desktop web browser, there is a new share button on the right side as circled in red above. Simply click the button and an embed code is generated, click copy, and then paste it into your website or blog.

Embedded content can be your photos and videos or others’ as all content that is public now has an embed code alongside it, but private, protected user account content will not be visible to anyone that user has not allowed to follow them, so be sure content you embed on your site is public so as not to restrict visibility. Once embedded, content features a user’s name which links to their profile page, as well as the number of likes and comments, but users must click the Instagram logo to actually visit that content’s page to view comments.

For example:

Click the Instagram logo above to visit the actual photo and test out liking and/or commenting while you’re there.

Why would you want to embed Instagram content?

Any attempt to tie your social media efforts together can be a huge win and a timesaver. Many people are working hard to create content on Instagram about their company or neighborhood or conferences, which now have a destination outside of Instagram – peoples’ blogs and websites. Now, all of those office shots you’ve taken can be featured in a blog post and that Instagram voice is expanded beyond the Instagram community.

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Let’s say you aren’t even on Instagram, this is still useful for you. If you’re working on a blog post about your company’s neighborhood and featuring businesses and people in the area, searching Instagram by hashtag or phrases can generate additional content for you to profile, benefiting you as well as the content creator.

It may seem like a minor update, but people have long had to essentially steal their own Instagram photos, and while we won’t go into how we they have done it, it suffices to say those days are over, and next up, we look forward to the day when Instagram provides analytics for embedded content.

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