Nito: new animation technology could augment your social media

May 9, 2014


Nito launches crazy cool iOS app

Animation technology company, Nito, just launched the first-of-its kind iOS application that uses facial recognition and tracking technologies to allow users to control 3D avatars of their favorite characters, as well as, create original characters by integrating their own unique facial expressions, movements, and voice.

This new technology is “markerless,” meaning it does not rely on the typical database of somewhat inaccurate, generic facial characteristics. Nito is able to map faces regardless of race, facial hair, piercings, gasses, and other non-conforming feature that make using “marker-reliant” software difficult. The markerless technology is being used in a novel way here, but the implications are broader than what most people will see at first glance.

Nito will undoubtedly be useful for professional animators, looking for a way to create new, original animated content, but it will also be fun for everyday social media users. With Nito you can share your freshly created content on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, and via SMS and email.

Video demo of Nito

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Social media implications

As most of engaging on social media daily know, it can be hard to grab your followers’ attention. Nito could be an innovative, affordable way to do just that. Creating an avatar that meshes well with your brand could infuse fresh interest in your products, simply on the novelty of the dancing, talking avatar alone.

To use Nito, simply download the app and follow the prompts. You will be asked to align your face to the facial outline shown on the screen using your iPhone/iPad’s camera. Once you are aligned, simply drag the eyes, nose, and mouth icons to their respective places on your face and you are ready to start creating your avatar.

While the technology is amazing, I cannot help but wonder if it is not another step of removal of one’s self from the social media platform. Social media is already one step removed from face-to-face communication, when we take our profiles and add a character, even if it is one engendered with our own voices, facial expressions, and movements, doesn’t this take another layer away from the “personal” experience of social media? Or, does this simply add another, better layer?

There are two Nito versions currently available: one for the iPhone and one for the iPad. Android and Mac/PC versions will be released this fall. They will also offer a Nito Pro for studios and agencies.

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