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Twitter considers a new way to make money

Jan 18, 2016No Comments

Twitter is considering their value and seeking ways to attract more ad dollars - will their latest attempt be their elusive golden goose?

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Facebook making contingency plans for Googl...

Jan 14, 2016No Comments

As Facebook continues to be the social media kingpin, they are also making contingency plans to stay that way, just in case things go south


#AGLIVE: Long-form content and where to put...

Jan 14, 2016No Comments

Join us for the next #AGLIVE, where we'll tackle the growing pressures to buy into the concept of long-form.

peach social media app

Peach is the newest, hottest social network

Jan 11, 2016No Comments

What the hell is Peach and why is everyone going on and on about it? Let's talk about the new social media obsession.

selfie nation

“Microsoft Selfie” app perfects...

Jan 11, 2016No Comments

The "Microsoft Selfie" app has launched and at first we laughed, then we realized it perfects pictures based on age, gender, lighting, and more. That's


Four hot (and unexpected) social media mark...

Jan 11, 20162 Comments

Social media marketing is a vital part of running a successful business. For 2016, here are 4 social media platforms you'll want to consider tapping


Who owns “Chanel” online: The b...

Jan 11, 2016No Comments

A judge has recently decided who has dibs on social media accounts: the brand Chanel or the person born with the name Chanel.


The most repinned types of content on Pinte...

Jan 06, 2016No Comments

Pinterest is growing faster than some of us expected, and companies are struggling to figure out the best way to use it for marketing and


WhatsApp vs. Snapchat: A behavior pattern i...

Jan 04, 20161 Comment

If you're looking to up your marketing strategy in 2016, you should know what is going on with these two burgeoning opportunities.


“Making A Murderer” viewers flo...

Jan 01, 20161 Comment

After watching the Netflix documentary series, "Making A Murderer," people have flocked to the web to voice their outrage at the convictions of two Wisconsin

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Facebook adds support for Apple Live photos

Dec 29, 2015No Comments

Facebook has just added support for Apple's Live photos, and the world just got a little more Harry Potter-esque!

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Native Facebook videos dominate social medi...

Dec 28, 2015No Comments

In social media, videos can enhance your presence and draw attention to your message. Now, it seems Facebook is the best place to establish your