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youtube red

What will YouTube Red be used to stream; ho...

Nov 02, 2015No Comments

What are the prospects for YouTube Red - who will use it and what content will be popular? Will it take off as expected?

instagram boomerang

Instagram’s new video feature offers incr...

Oct 29, 2015No Comments

With Instagram's new video feature, your brand can stand out without being obnoxious - check out this new tool for your social media marketing toolbox.

iphone social media texting

Brands using Instagram to double in 2017, s...

Oct 28, 20152 Comments

It's official. Instagram is the wave of the marketing future - and if your business hasn't jumped on the bandwagon, you might already be falling

facebook search

Why you should care that Facebook Search ju...

Oct 27, 2015No Comments

With Facebook Search launched, it's time to check your privacy settings as you search for strangers' take on random topics.

visual web

Marketers still deciding on what exactly th...

Oct 26, 2015No Comments

Although we've all been exploring the visual web for years, marketers are still not unanimous as to what that means. Let's explore.

growth hacking

Ad execs say Facebook is the most effective...

Oct 26, 20151 Comment

After years of testing and investing, the clear winner for social media marketing is Facebook, but where do the other platforms rank?


Google temporarily de-indexes Wix sites

Oct 26, 201531 Comments

Wix site owners have enjoyed ease of use, but with Google de-indexing them, many are reconsidering their position on virtually renting versus owning their site

youtube red

YouTube takes a page out of Spotify’s...

Oct 25, 20151 Comment

For a few bucks, YouTube will nix ads and offer offline viewing, but will the public buy in, or are we already conditioned to tolerate


Google Plus formatting secrets make optimiz...

Oct 22, 20151 Comment

With more and more people coming around to the fact that Google+ is here to stay, learning the tips and tricks to make your posts


What are Twitter’s pre-roll ads and h...

Oct 22, 2015No Comments

Martketing on Twitter has gotten even better. With pre-roll ads, brands can include a quick video to entice followers. Here's what you need to


New stats about social media users that you...

Oct 20, 2015No Comments

As social media continues to evolve, so does the analysis into its impact on our lives. Here are some of the best statistics from a


Why you should give two toots about Faceboo...

Oct 20, 2015No Comments

Facebook seems to be on a "new feature" binge lately. The latest feature however, is actually useful for entrepreneurs and marketing gurus.