Qwiqq adds a “buy” button to social networks

March 12, 2013


Qwiqq adds a “buy” button to social networks

Qwiqq is a mobile app for sharing what you love to buy, and is a growing social network around commerce where business owners don’t have to hide their intentions of selling products. Today, the company announced version 3.0 of their app which has PayPal integration, essentially adding a “buy” button to social networks, because when you post on Qwiqq, you can post across the web and the “buy” button is shared as well. Bingo!

The Qwiqq app “buy” button offers nineteen currencies to choose from, and with PayPal, the Qwiqq postings are free to create, with a 3.5 percent transaction fee the vendor must pay to PayPal.

Other updates to the app include optimization for iPhone 5, improved in-app alerts, tagging other users when posting a comment, enhanced event notifications in “social buzz” and “my buzz.” Additionally, the new “Explore” page lets you discover and buy what others are selling.

About the Qwiqq app

Qwiqq enables a local merchant to post what they want to sell, when they want to sell it, and then instantly share it to Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Email and SMS, all from the convenience of a single device, bridging the gap between merchants and consumers, and vice versa.

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“From a cute pair of shoes to the perfect salon to the tastiest Thai on the Upper West Side. The things you love to buy are all around you! Just snap a photo, write a quick note and enter the price. We do the rest. Qwiqq makes sharing the things you love to buy as easy as, well, dunking an Oreo cookie in milk.”

Below: the exciting moment today when the Qwiqq team finalized the app in iTunes

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