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February 1, 2013
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NorthReal, Inc. has rolled out, which Justin Buonamano, VP of Marketing describes as the social media dashboard for real estate professionals. “Think of it as similar to hootsuite but tailored to real estate with an open source code and many new plugins.” offers a modern look and feel, and helps real estate professionals to “harness the power of social media and build their online community in minutes,” the company says.

The tool pulls content from major social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others, allowing users to engage with their audience in targeted markets in real-time right from their desktop. The company says they are working on an iOS and Android release to make the dashboard mobile.

Some of the features include “a convenient heads-up display where users can generate one-click snapshot reports of social campaigns and easily schedule posts to the big three social platforms,” and offers property listing marketing, open house promotion options, and a new location-based add-on helps real estate professionals to find customers right in their own backyard. “With Maps you can engage with your local audience, track relationships, grow your business pipeline and close more deals in less time.”

Helping target new clients

“Social property search is taking center stage for real estate consumers. The online networking space is very dense and with tools like it gives Realtors® an early edge in targeting new customers,” describes Ronald Bovino, CEO & Co-founder of NorthReal.

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“The ability to create and track business relationships as it happens gives big potential in the online real estate space.” said Scott McBride, operator of Top Agent Resource a leading technology portal for real estate professionals. “It’s exciting to see new marketing opportunities for the real estate community.” aims to give real estate professionals a better understanding of what social content is most effective and why. With Connect agents have the option to plug directly into their business website and get expanded real-time social reporting and enhanced analytics.


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  1. Seems to be very new but a great idea. The “about” video link on the site isn’t about anything – its 10 seconds worth of the logo, unless I just caught it at a bad time!

    Navy Chief, Navy Pride

  2. I’m not sure I understand how all the pieces work. I get the dashboard. I don’t understand how you build a pipeline of new customers or how you use the maps. Would love to see a mini how-to video on it.

  3. Sounds interesting. Let’s see after a test drive and then of course the cost. JoeLoomer is right. Very lame video.

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