Spark of Genius – Business Camp for decision makers

Spark of Genius  –

The business camp for business decision makers. A day long conference designed to help you build your business in the digital age. AGBeat’s business camp is populated by business owners and decision making executives, startups, non-profits, and entrepreneurs.

The day long exercise helps business utilize legacy products and services in newer more meaningful ways, reintroduces proven approaches to business along side emerging technologies and business techniques. Spark also is partnered with the SBA, SBDC, Angel Investors, and Venture Investors to answer questions on innovative new ways to fund your business.

A peer to peer conversation led by business peers on a variety of subjects is what to expect. The camp forms the agenda, and we facilitate.

Since 2006 AGBeat has chronicled the emerging tech scene, business community, social emergence, and more

Right now, Spark of Genius is in planning for 2014, and dates will be released this spring for the year.

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Spark of Genius is sponsored by:

  • Microsoft
  • Google Places
  • Constant Contact
  • Your local SBDC

To sponsor, email talk at with a description of your company, web address, along with direct contact information for your companies decision maker. This information is required to receive a sponsorship package offer. Sponsorships are limited.

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