A humorous look at a world with honest iPho...

Jul 28, 2015No Comments

The iPhone 6 has been a hit with consumers, but it has some flaws. One blog took a humorous look at what iPhone 6 ads

apple troubles

Is Apple moving away from the home screen?

Jun 22, 2015No Comments

Apple's home screen has been an integral part of the design since it's inception, so why would they want to remove it? Here's what we


Apple’s new OS is coming: 6 great fea...

Jun 22, 2015No Comments

Apple's new OS is coming this Fall. Here's a sneak peek at six of the best features and how you can use them to your


Apple is launching a new search engine aime...

Jun 22, 20152 Comments

Apple is launching a search engine aimed at destroying Google and chances are, you're already using it. What is it and how will this impact


Imoji: Customizable emojis for everyone

Apr 27, 20151 Comment

Emojis are all the rage right now thanks in part to Apple's latest diversified addition, but what if you want more? A new app has


Want a gold Apple Watch? Here are 21 things...

Apr 19, 20153 Comments

While new tech trends are fun to follow, often the comparison of what you get and what it costs just don't add up, such is

apple gopro

Apple plans to give GoPro a run for their m...

Feb 02, 2015No Comments

(Tech News) Apple has been granted a patent that would give it the ability to create a pretty nifty GoPro-type of wearable, giving GoPro a

seed round

Why Apple, Google, Intel, and Adobe have to...

Jan 17, 2015No Comments

(Business News) Apple, Google, and others are having to cough up huge wads of cash for something many in the Valley accepted as common knowledge


Apple launches iOS 8: secret functions, and...

Sep 20, 2014No Comments

(Tech News) Apple has launched iOS 8 after a disappointing iOS 7, adding new features - here's everything you need to know about the new

samsung note

Samsung stays sassy, mocks the iPhone 6 Plu...

Sep 15, 20141 Comment

(Tech News) What do you do when your competitor copies you - ignore or fight? Samsung gets sassy as they mock the new iPhone 6

ikea apple parody

We dare you to watch IKEA parody Apple and ...

Sep 07, 20142 Comments

(Business Marketing) Inspired by classic Apple marketing and ol' Jony Ive himself, IKEA is promoting their 2015 catalogue with humor, and we love it -

apple patent

Apple receives patent for flexible displays

Aug 28, 20141 Comment

(Tech News) Apple was granted a patent that will allow them to incorporate flexible displays into future product releases.