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Birdly: Manage your business expenses from ...

Sep 23, 2015No Comments

Birdly is a Slack add-on that makes managing your expenses as easy as having a conversation in Slack. This tool reveals a growing trend in gives you a personal link so anyo...

Sep 14, 2015No Comments has launched and makes receiving payments so ridiculously simple - this is hugely beneficial to freelancers and entrepreneurs, especially.


Float helps you better predict your future ...

Aug 26, 2015No Comments

Float is a new startup in beta that helps any business improve their finances without having to be a math whiz.

cushion app

Cushion app helps freelancers better predic...

Aug 20, 2015No Comments

Cushion has launched to help freelancers track and predict their income, a major sore spot for many in the industry.

able lending

Able: World’s first collaborative lender ...

Aug 19, 2015No Comments

Small business lending is often stacked in favor of the lender, but Able appears hellbent on changing the model and flipping it upside down.

tax preparers

Report finds taxes done by non-CPA preparer...

Apr 14, 2015No Comments

Before getting your taxes done at a strip mall, check out this report that shows massive errors, and even forgeries by non-CPA tax preparers.

credit cards

10 secrets to maximizing credit card reward...

Jan 13, 20151 Comment

(Business Finance) Credit card rewards are an easy way to cash in, but most people don't know how to use them properly or where extra


How to easily find the hidden profits in yo...

Jan 01, 2015No Comments

(Business Finance) Cost overruns can happen in any business, even when the budgeting is sound, so how does it happen and how can you nip


The 3 key ingredients to a successful crowd...

Nov 24, 2014No Comments

(Business Finance) Crowdfunding has become an extremely competitive way to secure business funding, so how do you stand out and meet your goals?


Why states are now creating their own crowd...

Nov 02, 20141 Comment

(Business Finance) While investors and businesses become tired of waiting for the feds to regulate crowdfunding, states are stepping in to set local rules.

ask for more

How young entrepreneurs can pave the road f...

Oct 30, 20142 Comments

(Business Finance) Young and new entrepreneurs can do quite a bit to prepare for a potential investment, and we're not talking about preparing a pitch.

seed round

4 tips for raising a successful seed round ...

Sep 03, 2014No Comments

(Business Finance) After seeking a seed round of funding, one entrepreneur learned some difficult lessons and offers a fresh insight into the process.