Facebook set to launch “search profil...

Nov 24, 2015No Comments

Facebook is testing out another feature to make finding things on your profile even easier. Will you use it or will it cause more problems

small business saturday

5 ways to attract sales this Small Business...

Nov 17, 2015No Comments

After Black Friday comes Small Business Saturday - does your biz have the social media game down? We've got you covered if you don't know

facebook cover photos

Facebook introduces new app for notificatio...

Nov 13, 2015No Comments

Facebook has just announced the release of an additional app to help you manage everything that happens on your phone, especially your lock screen.

facebook security

How to get alerts when other governments at...

Nov 09, 2015No Comments

Would you know if other governments hacked into your Facebook account along with thousands of other Americans? Here's how to be notified if that happens.

facebook search

Why you should care that Facebook Search ju...

Oct 27, 2015No Comments

With Facebook Search launched, it's time to check your privacy settings as you search for strangers' take on random topics.

growth hacking

Ad execs say Facebook is the most effective...

Oct 26, 20151 Comment

After years of testing and investing, the clear winner for social media marketing is Facebook, but where do the other platforms rank?


Why you should give two toots about Faceboo...

Oct 20, 2015No Comments

Facebook seems to be on a "new feature" binge lately. The latest feature however, is actually useful for entrepreneurs and marketing gurus.


Total-Apps turns your Facebook videos into ...

Oct 01, 2015No Comments

Facebook has long been hailed as the place to be if you have anything to sell and a new tool could make Facebook a marketer's

facebook notes

Facebook Notes revamp rolls out to everyone...

Sep 30, 20152 Comments

Facebook Notes was hinted at recently, with no clues as to when it would launch for all, but the day is here. Hooray?


What data nerds found when analyzing 500 mi...

Sep 21, 2015No Comments

When looking at millions of Facebook posts, data nerds offer trends, and experts assert how you should respond to this study.

oculus rift facebook

Virtual reality may soon be available on yo...

Sep 19, 20152 Comments

Virtual reality has become a buzz word and Facebook wants to be the next business to cash in on it by bringing VR to your

facebook marketing

Sneak peek of a possible new Facebook Pages...

Sep 01, 2015No Comments

Facebook has become notorious for changing up their marketing metrics, leaving users wondering what's up. However, this new feature could help page admins.