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The story behind how Facebook eventually cr...

Feb 10, 2016No Comments

Twitter was introduced in March 2006. That same year, in September, Facebook came along with the News Feed. The two were seminal products that served

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Which of your Facebook posts is pissing peo...

Feb 05, 2016No Comments

A recent survey of over 10,000 social media users reveals the five most annoying Facebook posts, as broken down by state.

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Parents on Facebook spend a LOT more than n...

Jan 22, 2016No Comments

Sitting in the dark, rocking a sleeping baby, with the soft glow of Facebook pulled up on a smartphone is today’s new parent routine. In

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Facebook making contingency plans for Googl...

Jan 14, 2016No Comments

As Facebook continues to be the social media kingpin, they are also making contingency plans to stay that way, just in case things go south

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Zuck’s building a personal assistant ...

Jan 11, 20161 Comment

Every year Mark Zuckerberg challenges himself to a new resolution. The past few years have included learning to speak a different language, reading more, and

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Facebook launches tool to help you find nea...

Jan 06, 2016No Comments

Facebook Events are getting a rebrand, and one of those new features is a geolocation "Events Near You". This will include suggested events based on

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Facebook adds support for Apple Live photos

Dec 29, 2015No Comments

Facebook has just added support for Apple's Live photos, and the world just got a little more Harry Potter-esque!

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Facebook still won’t change it’...

Dec 24, 2015No Comments

Facebook has a strict legal name only policy, but they've recently added a small loophole that could help users who go by something other than


Uber teams up with Facebook for what may be...

Dec 24, 2015No Comments

Facebook has teamed up with Uber to add an in-app service for Messenger that allows users to request a ride. Drunk Facebooking just got a

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Facebook rolls out new feature that miiiiii...

Dec 16, 2015No Comments

Starting Monday, you'll be able to favorite your loved ones' (or clients') posts and they will appear, like magic, at the top of your newsfeed.

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Facebook finally reveals glimpse into VR pl...

Dec 15, 2015No Comments

Facebook bought Oculus Rift for a small $2 bil, and marketers have been chomping at the big to see what they could do with virtual

terrorist activity online to be reported?

Legislation could require social media site...

Dec 10, 2015No Comments

In response to recent terrorist attacks abroad and at home, legislators hope that requiring social media sites to report all terrorist activity will help.