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The hidden secret features of social networ...

Jul 28, 2015No Comments

We all use social networks, but features change and we may miss some of the new tweaks, so here are some to help get you


Facebook frustrating marketers yet again wi...

Jul 17, 20151 Comment

Year after year Facebook “likes” have been the definitive measure of success for marketers. This is all changing with a new feature already in place.

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Facebook Events loophole brands should take...

Jul 13, 2015No Comments

Facebook Events have been updated, creating an interesting loophole brands should know about.


Facebook looks to appeal to YouTube users, ...

Jul 12, 2015No Comments

Facebook makes a play to attract YouTubers, but will their efforts put a dent in Google-owned YouTube?


Facebook makes yet another change to their ...

Jul 01, 2015No Comments

Earlier this month, Facebook changed their algorithm to improve the content that users see, now turning their attention to video.


The science behind why we like, share, and ...

Jun 28, 20151 Comment

We don’t just share, post, and like on Facebook for the fun of it; there's more to it. There's actually psychological science behind it.

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Facebook facial recognition doesn’t n...

Jun 26, 20153 Comments

Facebook's facial recognition algorithm has improved so vastly that it knows you by your body shape, pose, hair, and other data points - has this


Facebook allowing user to use Messenger wit...

Jun 25, 2015No Comments

The Facebook Messenger app has been subjected to quite a bit of negative feedback from avid Facebookers now, you can use it without a Facebook


Facebook versus YouTube: who’s really...

Jun 18, 2015No Comments

Facebook and YouTube have both opened the gates to viral videos, but who's really on top? The social media giants go head-to-head in a video

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Facebook now supports animated GIFs –...

Jun 17, 20152 Comments

Facebook users rejoice: you can post animated GIF images in newsfeeds. Here's a look at how to maximize this new feature to boost your reach


Google+ launches Collections: think Pintere...

Jun 02, 20151 Comment

Google+ recently launched Collections; their answer to Pinterest's organization and Facebook's live feed of information, but will it prove useful?


Facebook Messenger app adds video calling, ...

May 20, 20152 Comments

Are you ready to take video calls from your clients via Facebook Messenger or talk to your kids at college through Facebook? The time is