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How to make your presentations suck less: v...

Nov 13, 2013No Comments

When creating presentations for clients, branding, or even your blog, you can probably do better - let's talk about what tech tips you should keep


Every professional should get involved in p...

Nov 12, 20131 Comment

Every professional should get involved in politics, not just for the good of the community, but of their respective industries and even careers.

#geniuslive video series

How and why you should get involved in poli...

Nov 06, 20131 Comment

Hear from the experts why professionals should get involved in politics, the value they present to the community and their own brand, and how exactly

google hangout: bootstrapping

Google+ Hangout on bootstrapping in a down ...

Oct 29, 20131 Comment

Bootstrapping in a down economy isn't for the weak, but it can be a tremendously rewarding path - hear directly from the experts their experience

Google + Hangout

Real estate productivity tips: Google+ Hang...

Oct 24, 2013No Comments

Join us for an upcoming Google Hangout where we plan to knock your socks off with tips and tricks on real estate productivity!