Slack is years old, but is suddenly blowing...

Aug 27, 20151 Comment

Slack has been around for a while, but they're suddenly all over the place. Why? Should you get in on the Slack madness? Probably...


Obscure social media sites you probably hav...

Aug 25, 2015No Comments

You already know about Facebook and Twitter, but do you know about these niche social media platforms that could benefit your marketing strategy.


Placeit makes fancy mockups, video demos fo...

Aug 19, 2015No Comments

Placeit is for the DIY marketers that need a quick mockup, or don't yet have the budget for a legitimate professional to do a photo


Signr adds content to your employee’s...

Aug 18, 2015No Comments

Signr is in beta to help expand your reach through your team members; the concept is genius!


BrightFunnel boosts any brand’s B2B m...

Aug 16, 2015No Comments

BrightFunnel is like a crystal ball for B2B marketers serious about converting leads and improving revenues.

minimalist movement

Fast food chains rebranding as minimalist, ...

Aug 13, 2015No Comments

Design has been going more and more minimalist in recent years, and burger chains hopping on the bandwagon means it's mainstream. How will your brand

font selection

The surprising email font choices that coul...

Aug 11, 2015No Comments

You've chosen a font for your emails and it isn't Comic Sans or anything objectionable, but it could still be ruining your rep.


Tesla Motors: stocks plummet, but the innov...

Aug 09, 2015No Comments

Tesla’s products have always created buzzing excitement; so why has Tesla been plagued with financial difficulties and what can you learn from them?


SayQuick allows site visitors to leave you ...

Aug 04, 2015No Comments

Text and email can be impersonal, so site owners now have an option to let people leave voice messages with one click. SayQuick helps better


Is MTV’s European rebrand a hit or mi...

Jul 28, 2015No Comments

MTV Europe has rebranded and it looks like Lisa Frank and Adult Swim had a baby on drugs, but it has a chance at ushering


A humorous look at a world with honest iPho...

Jul 28, 2015No Comments

The iPhone 6 has been a hit with consumers, but it has some flaws. One blog took a humorous look at what iPhone 6 ads


Rewards programs are great, but will custom...

Jul 24, 2015No Comments

Rewards programs had the most appeal when they came from groceries and mass merchandisers, but will customers pay for the benefits?