Total-Apps turns your Facebook videos into ...

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Facebook has long been hailed as the place to be if you have anything to sell and a new tool could make Facebook a marketer's

Blue Swimsuit self portrait

Makeup now being developed for selfies (we&...

Sep 25, 2015No Comments

The new selfie-loving generation has created the need for selfie-centered products. Have you considered cosmetics to be among these? They are. Here's why.


Taco Bell’s fried chicken taco shell:...

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Taco Bell is the latest company to introduce something new to their menu. Is their new creation crazy, or creative? We'll let you be the


MailRoof: Find lost customers in your exist...

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MailRoof is about to be in beta to help you reclaim lost ground in your email inbox and find lost connections easily.

social media ads

The art of nailing low-cost, high-conversio...

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Social media ads can be a low-cost, high-yield business builder, and most don't do it well. Here is the art of nailing it!


Etsy is the next company to try out instant...

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Etsy, known for their handmade offerings, is trying out a new same day delivery program. The problem is Etsy doesn't hold the goods, can it


Target arms staff with Fitbits, puts granol...

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Target is the latest company to make a change towards more health-conscious choices. Their taking care of their employees as well as their customers.


Are healthy Oreos in your future? Maybe!

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Food consciousness is changing the market from fast food, to whole foods, change is on the horizon. Could Oreos be the next thing to get


Did Airbnb get their logo from someone else...

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Airbnb's new logo created quite a bit of controversy. So much so, they created a video to explain it. Now it looks as though they

marketing moves

The most effective marketing move you’...

Sep 08, 20151 Comment

In a meaningful editorial on nailing your marketing efforts, an expert weighs in and shares his own story of success to inspire your own.


Ebay gives away drones on Imgur; epically n...

Sep 03, 2015No Comments

Imgur is the latest social platform to take on promoted posts and they are doing it with style, don't believe us, take a look.


Agencies bundling pro photographers into tr...

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Professional photographers put our social media images to shame, so travel agencies are bundling their services into travel packages. Genius!