Is MTV’s European rebrand a hit or mi...

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MTV Europe has rebranded and it looks like Lisa Frank and Adult Swim had a baby on drugs, but it has a chance at ushering


A humorous look at a world with honest iPho...

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The iPhone 6 has been a hit with consumers, but it has some flaws. One blog took a humorous look at what iPhone 6 ads


Rewards programs are great, but will custom...

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Rewards programs had the most appeal when they came from groceries and mass merchandisers, but will customers pay for the benefits?


Amazon to outpace Macy’s and Kohls fo...

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Amazon could soon surpass Macy's in one unusual niche; with everything that Amazon sells it seems odd that this could become their hottest selling item.


Reddit turmoil could jeopardize their marke...

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Just when Reddit began to seem like an appealing option for marketers, things got complicated and unless they recover it could get worse.


In the wake of Amazon’s Prime day aft...

Jul 23, 20151 Comment

Prime Day wasn’t a flop. In fact, it was an incredibly efficient (and clever) marketing strategy—and it worked, so why are some people still upset?

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What companies expect of email marketing ov...

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Email marketing is once again the brand darling as consumers anticipate and even opt-in to this form of marketing today, but what will these efforts

short sales

How absolute statements can damage your sal...

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Absolute statements have a strong impact on sales, yet are often made by people selling services and goods.


Sprint expanding “Direct 2 You”...

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Sprint is still struggling to repair their image and the new Direct 2 You program hopes to assist in their effort.


Instagram enters the e-commerce marketplace...

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Recently, there has been an increased push across social media platforms to integrate external links; the newest of these is Instagram.


The most powerful data is the data you alre...

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Talking about data is all the rage, but small businesses and freelancers often ignore it, as it sounds like an enterprise advantage, but even the


Heinz makes epic mistake with QR code on bo...

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Heinz made an epic marketing mistake that could happen to anyone. What you can learn from their mistake so it doesn't happen to you.