Visually stunning Timeline tracks your proj...

Nov 25, 2015No Comments

Like marking a child's height against the wall, watch your team's projects grow with Timeline, a new app that syncs with your calendars, Google, and

youtube extension

This new Chrome extension allows you to pla...

Nov 24, 2015No Comments

SidePlayer, a new Chrome extension, allows you to watch a tiny hamster nibble on broccoli while responding to a particularly critical e-mail from a client.


Asana popular with startups for workflow ma...

Nov 12, 2015No Comments

Out of all the productivity technology available, Asana is one of the most-used project management tools by startups and entrepreneurs. Do you use it?


Type A’s, rejoice: Wunderlist is a to...

Nov 11, 2015No Comments

Get everyone on board with today's action items, including your significant other, with Wunderlist, the collaborative to-do list app.


CloudMagic is the minimalist solution for y...

Nov 09, 2015No Comments

Not only does it sync with just about any productivity tool, CloudMagic also simplifies your work flow and doesn't keep you chained to your desk.

leadership working

9 ways to think like a respected leader

Nov 04, 2015No Comments

These 9 traits common among leaders can easily be implemented into anyone’s life with a little bit of focus, and can turn anyone into a

calendar overscheduled

5 Signs that you’re over-scheduled

Oct 29, 2015No Comments

Are you busy or are you over-scheduled? Here are five signs that you're stretched too thin.


Takeafive self-destructs your distractions ...

Oct 28, 2015No Comments

Taking a quick break at work is a great idea until you snap out of your cat video stupor 2 hours later. Takeafive is here


Three apps that alleviate eye strain so you...

Oct 20, 2015No Comments

There are several apps on the market that auto adjust your screen color, brightness, and temperature as the sun sets. Save your eyes and get

30 day challenge planner

Commit30 planner turns small steps into big...

Oct 19, 2015No Comments

If a daily planner, a motivational tape, and your collection of to-do lists had a wild night together, nine months later the Commit30 planner would

working womans wife

Working Woman’s Wife: on-demand assis...

Oct 12, 20151 Comment

Austin startup, Working Woman's Wife offers on-demand help for ambitious female executives juggling work and home life.


Moonlighter: time tracker for time tracking...

Sep 28, 20151 Comment

Moonlighter is a brand new tool that automates your time tracking and might help you to actually track your time.