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Small businesses are the heart of America [...

Feb 03, 2016No Comments

Small businesses are the heart of America, and they are also the core of a stable economy. It is in our best interest to support

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What Star Wars can teach small businesses a...

Jan 05, 2016No Comments

Lessons for your small business learned from Star Wars - let your significant other know you'll have to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens again.

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Year-end tax tips to help your small busine...

Dec 18, 2015No Comments

Though certainly not the most glamorous part of owning a small business, taxes are definitely necessary. We've got some hot tips for you and your


Top cities for black-owned businesses: Did ...

Nov 25, 20151 Comment

A survey was conducted to find out how many businesses across U.S. cities are operated by black business owners - find out if yours made


Namely is HR software for small brands that...

Nov 24, 20151 Comment

Most small brands might keep a Google form of employee information or skip HR entirely. Namely is a startup-friendly HR software, here to pick up

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Thinking outside the box: Marketing with no...

Nov 04, 20151 Comment

Marketing is essential to any successful business, but how can you do it with little or no budget? Take a page from this bar's book:


What small business does better than big br...

Nov 01, 2015No Comments

It might be the fresh produce, or the service by someone who actually knows your name. All we know is: small businesses have their own

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You’re not alone if your business isn...

Aug 09, 20151 Comment

If your business isn't ready for chip-enabled credit cards, you may have to get ready in the foreseeable future or face the consequences.

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Supporting small businesses by staying at b...

Jul 17, 2015No Comments

If you like to support small businesses by choosing boutique hotels, you my be surprised to learn that they are often owed by a mega-hotel


Boost your small business with EcommTactics...

Mar 12, 20151 Comment

It’s often hard to see if your marketing efforts are really working. EcommTactics wants to clear this up for you with helpful tools and tips.

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Visage Payroll: free payroll tool for small...

Feb 08, 2015No Comments

(Business Finance) Visage Payroll was founded to do away with the payroll tools that start out free and get expensive - small businesses should take

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3 new year’s resolutions to grow your...

Dec 15, 2014No Comments

(Business) It's that time of year again, where we look at our past to propel our future - and businesses are hoping for a more