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Social media analytics headache? PeakFeed k...

Nov 23, 2015No Comments

PeakFeed keeps social media management simple, offering weekly reports in your inbox and a general overview of how your brand is doing on multiple sites.


The science behind taking the perfect selfi...

Nov 23, 2015No Comments

Taking a good selfie matters to many, and there is science behind conveying the best you. If you must.

iphone social media texting

Social media early adopters may now be crip...

Nov 17, 20151 Comment

Social media early adopters paved the way for the robust ecosystem we enjoy today and set the culture, but adhering to the original principles holds

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Facebook introduces new app for notificatio...

Nov 13, 2015No Comments

Facebook has just announced the release of an additional app to help you manage everything that happens on your phone, especially your lock screen.

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Why do we secretly love to see others fail?

Nov 11, 2015No Comments

We live in a competitive society; this is no secret. Why do we secretly delight in watching others fail? The answer may surprise you.


Will that hashtag you’re about to use...

Nov 09, 2015No Comments

We're all told to be hashtag heavy online, but could the hashtag you're about to use going to end with a call to your lawyer?

facebook security

How to get alerts when other governments at...

Nov 09, 2015No Comments

Would you know if other governments hacked into your Facebook account along with thousands of other Americans? Here's how to be notified if that happens.

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Brands using Instagram to double in 2017, s...

Oct 28, 20152 Comments

It's official. Instagram is the wave of the marketing future - and if your business hasn't jumped on the bandwagon, you might already be falling

facebook search

Why you should care that Facebook Search ju...

Oct 27, 2015No Comments

With Facebook Search launched, it's time to check your privacy settings as you search for strangers' take on random topics.

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YouTube takes a page out of Spotify’s...

Oct 25, 20151 Comment

For a few bucks, YouTube will nix ads and offer offline viewing, but will the public buy in, or are we already conditioned to tolerate


Google Plus formatting secrets make optimiz...

Oct 22, 20151 Comment

With more and more people coming around to the fact that Google+ is here to stay, learning the tips and tricks to make your posts


New stats about social media users that you...

Oct 20, 2015No Comments

As social media continues to evolve, so does the analysis into its impact on our lives. Here are some of the best statistics from a