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social media

The psychology behind social media sharing ...

Aug 31, 2015No Comments

Social media shareability is increasingly complex as digital goes mainstream, but if your efforts are falling short, check out what's making people share these days.


Obscure social media sites you probably hav...

Aug 25, 20151 Comment

You already know about Facebook and Twitter, but do you know about these niche social media platforms that could benefit your marketing strategy.

brand commandr

Brand Commandr monitors your team’s s...

Aug 18, 2015No Comments

Brand Commandr has launched to monitor your team's social media use, because they're using your company name and it's easy to make a mistake.

social cloud suite

Social Cloud Suite: automate your social me...

Aug 14, 2015No Comments

Social Cloud Suite has launched as an inexpensive way to squeeze the most ROI out of social media that you can.


Is Facebook about to take on e-commerce kin...

Aug 12, 20151 Comment

If your buyers are all on Facebook, this new e-commerce option soon to roll out could mean your golden egg has arrived.

social media credit score

Could your credit score slip if your Facebo...

Aug 06, 20153 Comments

Facebook has a patent not in use yet that could alter your credit score based on your friends' scores - is it legal?

facebook contact

Is FB piloting a “call your Facebook ...

Aug 06, 2015No Comments

Are Facebook reps going to be available to answer your questions about your Pages, or is this message a fluke?

project pingback

Project Pingback algorithm finds buyers for...

Aug 05, 2015No Comments

Project Pingback will soon launch to bring Twitter leads directly to you, so get your converting skills fine tuned, it's ready to do some business!

facebook dislike

Brands are leaving Facebook in droves, shou...

Aug 02, 2015No Comments

Marketers have a love/hate relationship with Facebook, and many are publicly jumping ship. Should you do the same?


The hidden secret features of social networ...

Jul 28, 2015No Comments

We all use social networks, but features change and we may miss some of the new tweaks, so here are some to help get you


Chirp consolidates all of those annoying no...

Jul 25, 2015No Comments

Chirp is a start-up that consolidates your sites’ notifications into one page, making multiple-app or site visits a thing of the past.


Reddit turmoil could jeopardize their marke...

Jul 24, 2015No Comments

Just when Reddit began to seem like an appealing option for marketers, things got complicated and unless they recover it could get worse.